Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Terrified but Okay

12:16 pm: I survived. I actually did quite a lot better than that, they actually approved the proposed order and priority. So, in a sense, I succeeded.

I don't quite feel that way, oddly enough, but it is the perfectionist talking. I know that. There were two process points made, and they really should have been made much earlier in the process; but they were still made. The results, likely, would not have changed. My boss did step in and take an action item to define the process for next time.

By all measurements I succeeded, I just feel let down.

Jet had a good time playing with John's toys and with John. He ended up in a corner in a meeting quietly taking apart a Lego ambulance and putting it back together again. I was impressed.

I talked with Jet about going to get my contacts, but he persuaded me to go to McDonald's, first. Food and tubes. Sadly, someone either had an accident or spilled a drink in the tubes, places where no adult human being could go clean. Blech. I'll have to throw Jet in a bath when he's done, though he's been good about avoiding the wet spots. It seems to just be water, no smell and no stickiness, so maybe they'd hosed the whole thing off. Less to worry about.

Jet's still sick, but his fever broke last night. He has a horrible cough and sounds like one of Donald Duck's nephews when he talks, but he has great energy and is very cheerful, which he wasn't yesterday. I think he's doing much better now. Whew. He did sleep in until 8:00, and I think that helped a lot. We also did a session over a steam bowl and Jet horked up some severe congestion. It hurt, but after that he grinned at me and said in surprise,"I can breathe!"


1:16 pm: Jet's in the tubes for round 2. I'll probably ask them to mail me the contacts. If only I'd brought my phone with me. Then John could call me as well. But Jet's definitely proving that he's feeling a world better, and he found a bigger boy to play with. The other kid even asked if Jet could be his friend, so Jet told me,"He's playing with me! He's nice!"

How could my contacts compete with that?

A little Jet time and I'm more stable. Amazing how well it works for my whole peace of mind to simply experience joy through a boy's play.

We did get to go get my contacts. Jet was so limp by the time we got into the car from McDonald's that I just headed to Boulder, and he fell asleep. I took his car seat into the shop and even with all the talking and stuff, he didn't stir. I just got my contacts, paid for them, reloaded Jet into the car and we headed home. He was awake again when we got home, but that was a good hour long nap and he was raring to go again.

So he went.

At 5, John came home, took over duties, and I got the presentation done that I had to do and I sent it out to folks. Then the boys came to me and Jet announced that he wanted to stay home, instead of going out to dinner.

"Why?" asked John.

"Because I want to go to Mikayla's and watch The Scary Movie." Which is what Jet and Mikayla call The Grinch with Jim Carey. I agree with them, it's scary.

But it amused both John and I that that was Jet's definition of "staying at home".

The kids ended up being outside, so when I went to look for them when I was done with my work bit, I found them outside, and John and I talked about getting dinner from Sakura. Dean looked very interested, but he said that his wife wasn't interested in sushi. I then told him about some of the other menu items while John went off to get our dinner. I handed Dean a copy of the take-out menu and when Kelly came home, they consulted and Dean dashed off to get their food.

With just the two moms there to watch, Mikayla on her bike and Jet, running like mad, with a play lawnmower, took off around the block. Both Kelly and I called them back, but they just kept going. I finally ran after them, came up close behind Jet and thought "What the heck can I do back here, tackle him?" So I found my old soccer legs, and did an accelerated turn by both of the kids and stood in front of them. Mikayla stopped. Jet plowed into me. Boys.

I got both of them turned around. Jet giggled and headed right for Kelly, tried to go between her legs, but couldn't fit. I saw him giggle, stop trying, and hug Kelly's leg before going around her back to the houses. Good guy. Mikayla needed a push now and then to get good leverage on her pedals, but did just great on the way back.

John arrived with our food, without ever having seen Dean. A UPS truck arrived with my Origins order. I put the box upstairs, and we all had our dinner and then Jet and John took off for Mikayla's so that Jet could go over there and play.

The buyer for the Stoat arrived soon after, and John helped hitch everything together, then went over to gather up Jet as Mikayla had to go to sleep. While he was gone the phone rang and it was the buyers saying that all the lights had gone out for the back end of the truck and the trailer. I said, "If it's a sudden failure, it's likely just some connection that shook loose, probably not a general failure of the electrical system." The guy sounded a little panicked or mad or both, and I said that I'd try to get John. So I walked next door with the wireless phone and it worked just fine over in our neighbor's house. That was good. John coached the guy on the subtleties of checking the fuses, and they were off after their dinner.

They never called back, so I bet they did okay.

Jet came reluctantly. Dean had given then soy milk with Ovaltine, which they took as just chocolate milk. I'll have to try that for future "chocolate" additions, has a tad better nutritive profile. They hadn't finished the movie, but it was time to sleep. Jet was dirty and sticky from all his outdoor adventures, and I suggested a bath, but he decided he really wanted the hot tub, so he got the hot tub, with John. I was feeling a bit too sick to do that.

But once out of the hot tub, they did pajamas and brushed teeth and I did the book reading and nursing and putting to bed. He seemed very content eventhough he'd cough now and again. He cough in his sleep, though, clear things out and keep sleeping. Whew. It made for a mildly early night, so I had a slice of the gorgeous pecan pie John had made, and that was good for the night. Whew.

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