Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


I'm sick. I just don't sound nearly as bad as Jet, but I hurt and my nose and sinuses are just clogged, badly. My throat doesn't hurt, and I'm not coughing up disgusting amounts of yuck, but I'm still pretty obviously tired, sick, and I'll probably take an afternoon off tomorrow to just sleep. I have a 5 pm meeting that I set up so that I could talk with some guys in San Jose. Then to rest, perchance to dream...

Had two very interesting dreams lately. One involved dying, knowing it was coming and planning it all through so that things would happen the way I really wanted them to happen when the end came. Deliberate, peaceful almost, powerful in a "what can I do even if I have to go" way and still sad. I take it as an indicator of my new life and some real changes that have finally filtered down to my self image and knowledge.

The other was a dream of "my home" and wow it's changed since the last time I dreamed of it... it's now a gorgeous complex for learning, activities, fun!, and lots of interesting people, contents and three stories of building covering a good city block with a bunch of well utilized acerage all around. Some say that ones home in dreams is a metaphor for ones mind. I guess my dream-estimate of my head has stepped up a notch.

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