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I took my Wusthof, hollow-ground santoku with me to the OUR center, as the knives they have there always frustrate me. The lady in charge, however, had me making the coffee and iced tea. One of the ladies making sandwiches started hunting for a sharp knife, and happened across mine and said, "Is this a sharp knife?"

I reacted, "It's my knife."

"Is it sharp?"

"It's MY knife."

She finally got that what she was holding was not a knife for the center. "Can I use it? To cut bread? I need a sharp knife."

Another lady, catching the tension, offered a rather bent serrated knife that was hanging on the wall.

The original lady, looking at the sheath said, "I need a sharp knife."

Defeated, I said, "Okay, okay. You can use it."

She caught my tone, "You sure?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead and use it."

She carried it gingerly toward two sheet pans of sandwiches. I didn't look. Good me. I kept brewing iced tea.

She came back ten minutes later, she held it reverently. "This is the best knife I have ever used. I would start to touch the bread and it was already cutting!!"

I smiled. "Thank you."

"No, thank you!" she said and washed it and dried it and put it gently back into its sheath.

Sometimes it's good to share.

I survived prepping food. My knife came home with me and I washed it and put it away gently. Then i went up to bed and tried to go to sleep. John, Jet and I had gone to church this morning, and while I was listening to the radio, drinking my coffee, and knitting while Jet was having Sunday School, John popped out of the church and asked me, though the open window of the car, "Are you supposed to be working at the OUR center today?"

"I thought it was next week."

"Oh! I'll check." John popped in, popped out, and then drove me home so I could take the other car to the OUR center. So there I was.

The boys didn't get home until a good hour after I did. I couldn't sleep, so I got up and got some lunch with them, and then Mikayla came over to play. I went out grocery shopping as we'd, in our sick stupor, completely forgotten all the milk we all needed, one way or another. So I got milk and a few other things, including a herbal supplement my HR lady swore by called "Cold Snap". Expensive as hell, but if it really does work at preventing colds before they happen (when Jet starts to get a cold or when I'm traveling the week after next), it'll be worth the cost. I hate being sick.

Home again home again, and Jet was rolling water balloons down the driveway. He and Mikayla had a bunch of them, and Jet was asking John to fill a bucket with them. Jet would then fling each one, individually, in some direction down the driveway. If they popped, he'd cheer, if they didn't, he'd run down with bare feet and STOMP on them. Water everywhere, and very, very happy children. It was high 70's today, so warm enough for the water fun, and the two of them just filled the area with splashdowns. I took some very raw video with my camera of them, it's very raw but it captures Jet's walk exactly as he's taking the bucket back into the house. Maybe I should put that up as a "picture" on the picture site.

So I filled water balloons for a while. Getting the hang of it pretty quickly, and when a bucket was full, Jet was grab it, manhandle it down the stairs and out to the driveway and then be through them in far less time than it took to fill them. Mikayla had a blast tossing them short distances and seeing them explode. *grin*

Much fun was had by all. Though Kelly said that I sounded much, much worse off than John. John hadn't gotten the cold into his lungs, so he's doing much better today than I am. I still sound like a duck. Then Mikayla invited Jet over to play at her house, and he went. So I went and took a nap. I needed it. A good hour. When I got up, I made too-thick soup, and we had dinner. Jet was so tired by this time he curled up in my lap and tried to go to sleep on me. Yes, he'd had no nap whatsoever.

We got him interested in games downstairs, and he went gladly. In the midst of a Crash game, Jet announced that he had to use the potty and then told us to just keep playing, he'd take care of it himself. Wow. Double wow as he just went ahead and did that.

Hoorah for growing up! He even looked mildly annoyed at me when I peeked in to give him a thumbs up and tell him I was glad he was doing that.

Afterwards we hit the hot tub to relax a bit and get warm from the coolness of the basement. Jet wanted "the fans on!" and rode the waves that the jets created. He wanted me to surf the wave over the seat, and, instead, I just sat on the seat and got a skin-numbing massage that loosened up some stuff that had been impossibly tight. Wow. Finally, I'd had enough, as the tensioned muscles suddenly relaxed and were beaten into tingling masses of really painful tissue. So I told Jet I was turning off the jets, and we had silence and liquid peace for a bit. Of course, Jet dove from side to side to side just for the fun of it. I don't think "relax" is in his vocabulary, yet. He pretty much is on and moving or off and sleeping.

He went to sleep nigh instantly when we did the bed ritual. So I'm able to finish this and my mug of herbal tea. Wonder if the herbs will all fight it out. Hee.

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