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My Braaaaain... my braaaaain...

All right, who took the brain? I need it!!

I have this bookmark it says:
"I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once." -- Ashleigh Brilliant

I feel like that now. Some of it is the accumulation of 10+ days of BEING SICK. I hate that. The other is that my brain has already made the mental leap to Monday, which is when I have to leave on a rather TOO packed business trip to San Jose. Sorry, Horde, I'm in Monday night, have three packed days of my organizational off-site, and then home again Thursday night to arrive home at midnight. I'll be taking my Cold Snap pills the whole damned time.

Unfortunately, the leap is not timely, as I have massage tonight, John has a meeting tonight, John has an overnight trip on Friday to Saturday, and Jet's still sick. Though the little guy is entirely cheerful and marched right into pre-school this morning with nary a glance back at me, though we spent most of the morning talking through all the possibilities he thought up...

He asked not only to go to the Holy Moses school, but to go to the singing school (Brenda's), the planting school (Wendy's), and ended up asking to just go to the Farmer's Market!!

"Which market do you like better?" Asked I, "The one here or the one in Boulder?"

"The Boulder one, they have better smoothies. Lots of plants to eat." Not that he eats them... but that he sees that...

Last night, Jet asked for "the glass you had yesterday, Mom. Tall!" He shows us with his hands, "With red and green on the top..." John looked completely bewildered. I get up and go to the cabinet and get one of the Spaghetti Factory glasses I love, slender, tall... and when I bring it over, Jet lights up, "Oh, yeah! That's it! Hey, it has white, too!!"

Now when we read books at night, Jet talks as much as we do. It helps that one of the books is Tuesday which is nearly all pictures. He has a train book with lots of pictures of trains, and a book Kathy made us that was about Jet's second day at the beach, which he now loves and tells stories about every picture.

When Jet uses the potty, he asks one of us to be with him "So I can tell you about choo-choos."

With the cold, Jet's been having more meltdowns. I don't blame him at all. Things get frustrating much more quickly...

Last night, while he was melting down over my saying I didn't want to put any more soy milk into his root beer (yeah, I know... he likes unsweetened soy milk better than pop, what can I say?), I told him it was okay to cry when he feels like he needs to, it's a good way to get all the frustration out...

And between cries he's saying, "But I doon't LIKE crying." waaaaaah "It's, it's... " Aaaagggh! "... terrible to cry." Aaaaaah! "Crying hurts my nose..." Huhuhhuh..."I don't like crying, Mom." waaaaah. "It makes my chimney wet." (Chimney=chin) ...

I was very proud of myself for not just dying of laughter. He got more soy milk, cheered up, and with a bit more food in him had an excellent evening. I'll readily admit that I'm very thankful that his verbal skills are such that he can talk with us even when he's crying.

When he and I came home, we had popsicles in the garage with the big garage doors open. We found a spot to sit down and watch the cars drive by. My sore throat felt a ton better with the cold, wet sweetness, and he seemed very content, though when I moved to a spot where he couldn't see, he told me so, in no uncertain terms, and so I moved. We swept up leaves, and then played water balloons. He carefully takes them out of the bucket and then rolls then down the driveway, cheering when they "splash". If they don't splash, he chases 'em down and stomps on them, pushes on them, anything to make them break. It's fun watching him run after them.

Last night, he played with Mikayla and her friend and then all three of them went to visit Tanner and Macy. Jet ended up with Macy and the two of them crooned, by turn, into the mike of a kid-kariyoki setup. Tonya thought they were so cute she had to take a picture. It was funny, as when it was time for dinner, I went over to Mikayla's where her mom said where Jet had gone and that she thought to call, but decided I'd come over and she could tell me. Tonya had the same argument. *grin* I loved that and when I picked Jet up he was very happy with all the playing he'd been doing and all the places he'd been. Very cool adventuring boy. Reminded me, intensely, of Fezzik wandering the neighborhood and everyone being happy to have him... sometimes it's just good to have polite off-spring.

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