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Round 3

On Friday John went off to a 24-hour overnight with some confirmation kids. Jet and I did just fine. We even got gas, got some pants and shirts for Jet (while I said No, a lot, to a bunch of toys he wanted from the way too nearby toy section) (I did break down and buy him a Lego boat), and then we went to Cold Stone for ice cream.

Jet was very patient with me the whole time, even when I said, "No." to about a dozen different toys before he finally found the under ten dollar Lego set. He didn't fight me, at all, about going to bed as soon as we got home, and he slept all night and woke up at 7 the following morning, which was just fine by me.

We spent the morning eating breakfast and watching cartoons. He played really well with his own stuff, and about noonish, we had crackers and cheese and pepperoni in the basement while playing video games.

I hadn't had enough sleep Thursday night, as I'd had 7 am meeting Friday morning. Friday was 5 hours of meetings in about seven hours of work, and then we met up with a lady to sign closing for a home equity loan in case of emergancies. So by Saturday I was pretty exhausted, and by the time we were doing video games I was feeling nauseous. Badly so. To the point of finally having to just lie down on the couch while Jet played quietly on me and around me. He decided he didn't need a nap, but he was willing to just stay near me and play and only wake me up when he really needed me.

John found us that way at about 5 pm. He sent me to bed, and Jet went over to Mikayla's and then Tanner's to play.

That night we went to Sakura and accidentally met up with Bob, Mei, and their Redmond friend Raymond, and we had a great dinner together. Jet fell asleep after eating an entire bowl of rice and some soup as well.

We slept.

I woke up feeling even worse Sunday morning, and after having taken Jet to Sunday school I went home and slept. I didn't feel better when I got up, so John urged that I go to the Longmont Clinic and get looked at. I did. Turns out I probably have a bacterial sinus infection. Bleh. So I now have antibiotics, decongestents, and a new inhaler. For some reason I couldn't find my old one, so it's good to have the insurance before I leave on my business trip today.

Yeah. Today. I'm flying out to San Jose this afternoon.

Jet and I have been having a great morning, we'll probably go get cash and McDonald's for lunch, and then if I'm lucky, Jet will go to sleep and John will come home at 3 and I'll drive off to the airport. The antibiotics seem to be doing their thing as I'm no long blowing green bletch, and my right sinus doesn't feel like someone's put a nail into it. I'm terribly grateful that something is making me feel better.

It'll only be three days... but I'm going to miss my boys.


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