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I survived!!

I survived the flight to San Jose just fine, though there were a few moments when I was frantically figuring out if I'd make things when I really wanted to make them.

The day, itself, was grand. Jet and I spent most of the morning playing toys. I worked a bit too much getting all my ducks in a row before I left for the three day thing. Jet kept asking me to play with him, and I finally just got down on the floor with him and his fire engines and we played. That was good.

I then took him to McDonald's, just to get him to play real hard and, maybe, take a nap on the way home. He ate all his nuggets (after, last night, eating an entire package of cooked ramen), some of the fries and all his chocolate milk, with gusto. He giggled and said, "Mustache!" whenever he drank and he'd show me his chocolate milk mustache. Hee.

Then he went and played in the tubes when I told him we didn't have that much time, and my son goes up into the maze of tubes, finds a clear box hanging out of it, and the next thing I know I'm hearing, "MOM! Mom!! I love you, Mom! I love you!!" I look up and he's leaning against the clear plexiglass and yelling, "I love you!!" and all the other moms are kind of peering at him and at me. Hee. I waved to him and said, "I love you, too!" and, satisfied, he wandered back into the twisty tubes all alike.


Jet never did fall asleep, but I didn't resent it after that. He played quite happily while I finished my packing, and at exactly five minutes to three, John arrived with the Passat all filled up and ready to go. I threw all my stuff into the truck and made off for the airport.

This is, of course, when I realized that I'd made all my calculations on the fact that it took 40 minutes from ERIE to get to the airport, and it now takes another twenty minutes to get from Longmont to Erie. I paid the extra tolls, and got to the airport (off the van from the parking lot) at exactly 4 for a 5:40 flight. It was plenty of time as the airport was very quiet. I guess Monday nights aren't a big night for flights.

I stopped at Lefty's for a grilled tuna sandwich before the flight, and they did a marvelous job of making it medium instead of well, and I ate the sandwich in front of the windows onto all the planes. I took all my medication with the food, took a good whiff of the decongestant and felt a whole lot better. I'd been blowing green crap all morning, but right at the 24 hour mark things cleared up beautifully.

I slept for a bunch of the flight and enjoyed my Sun chips, Riesen chocolate caramels, and lots of water. I even brought a water bottle with me and drank all of it. The flight was uneventful, other than it being a very small jet, with only two rows of seats on either side, all leather-clad so I wondered if it has once been a charter plane. Quick and small and easy.

My boss picked me up, no problem, at the airport and we went to the hotel to drop things off. Then he, Dan, and Padraig and I hit the Willow Street Pizza place and had dinner. A bit late, but they were nice and had waited for me. I got a half order of angel hair with tomatoes, garlic, and basil and they didn't disappoint. It was so good, fresh, simple and perfectly proportioned. I'm in California, where they know how to treat these things. Mmmm....

The Tollhouse is nice. They have free internet access in the lobby, and it's 9.99 per day in the rooms, given that I probably won't be doing much during the day it seemed better to take advantage of the free service. Yay! Free!

So I should probably do a bit of homework and then go to sleep. But I got to talk with John for a bit, this evening, and it was good. Jet had gone to sleep early, since he hadn't had a nap, and he'd even crawled into his bed (no nursing), pulled the covers over his head and told John that he'd sleep in his cave. And after a few wiggles, he was fast asleep. So the boy can definitely go to sleep on his own, now, I'm very glad of that.

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