Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The wind is like another presence in the house, booming and howling and making the walls of the house thud dully like they're being pounded with a soft, giant fist. Incredibly, the sky is utterly clear and bright with sunshine as the wind just whips around, ripping all the fire-colored leaves from the trees.

There's a story people around here tell, of a guy by the side of the road with a little stand, and in the stand is a rack for hanging stuff from and from that rack hangs chunks of brick on big gauge chain. The sign in front of the rack reads, "Boulder Wind Chimes."

Sometimes the story has the guy at the Farmer's Market, but I haven't ever seen him there.

I could believe it, though.

I can concentrate today. No meetings. The plant is shut down, today, for most people, so Boss Bill couldn't schedule any meetings for today, not that he didn't try. I'm very glad of these days.

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