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Pumpkins, Sleep, and Swimming

I got up waaay too early. The whole house was quiet, even Jet hadn't gotten up yet! My alarm had gone off in order for me to prep for an 8 am meeting, so I was up, meandering about, and got myself something hot to drink and then set up my computer so that I could work from it comfortably. I put it on my huge screen, and it's the first time I've done that in quite some time. I really need to do this more often, I think.

Anyway... it was a great meeting. I got two action items out of it and I'll follow the up for my guy asap.

After last week, it was easy to just do. No more guilt about short days for at least the rest of the year.

Jet's rash had gone WAAY down with the cortizone. George had cleaned him up and applied it again this morning, and it was doing great after that. I imagine that the skin had already been irritated and then Jet's soapy hands, when scratching, had inflammed it terribly. I'd been doubting, last night, that he could heal from it, but this morning he was almost all clear and by swimming time he was nigh on peach perfect.

We packed up and headed for a pumpkin patch that a co-worker had advertised. And it was a huge field filled with wilted plants and big, orange pumpkins. Sadly or oddly enough nearly all of the pumpkins had formed with one SIDE on the ground, so that side was often flattened, dirty, or even rotted through. Bad pumpkin. There were small, green ones, huge green ones, and a majority of the pumpkins still had one side that was greenish tinged. One of George's criterion was that the whole thing be orange. Jet just pointed out anything interesting to him, and the two of them wandered into a field with Jet on George's shoulders so he could see and not stumble on all the stubble in the field.

It was a cold morning. Grey and overcast, and while we were out there, the clouds gradually dissipated and the sun came out and started warming us, which was a good thing.

Jet noticed a pumpkin, pointed it out to George and I. "What about that one?" he asked.

George looked at it, cleaned it off with some dried leaves. It was perfectly round, perfectly orange, and had a nice stem to pick it up by! All in one! Wow.

Jet looked suitably proud after learning what Grandpa had been looking for and then spotting the exact one. Wow. Amid hundreds of pumpkins, we got that one, medium sized, fairly light, and easy to carry out.

There was also a petting zoo, a trampoline, and some other stuff there, and we took advantage of the petting zoo and let Jet peer at all the animals as their pens were being cleaned. The lady really didn't want Jet in the pens, so he didn't actually get to pet anything, but I think he might have preferred it that way.

From there he made a beeline to "the jumping thing" and a two-year-old girl accompanied him there, and the two of them had a blast going in there and giggling and jumping and falling on each other. I was NOT impressed with the setup, as they'd left the rim at the entrance puddled with water. If someone had gone out and wiped it up, it would have been just so much better. As it was, it left me a little grumpy and Jet ended up with bare feet in his sneakers afterward as his socks were so soaked they were making him cold.

But he trundled out, after George again, and the two of them took a good, long look at the irrigation system. Hee.

Eventually we headed out and at the exit, I told the guy that we had two pumpkins and I wanted some pumpkin pie. He said that they didn't have pie, but did have bread, and charged me just eight bucks. Yeah, two pumpkins. I hadn't had any ones to tip at the zoo or at the trampoline and it's not like we really needed another pumpkin, but I wanted to give them something for the fun that Jet had had, and since they were only charging three bucks a pumpkin (29 cents a pound at the local grocery store and easily 5 or more dollars for a reasonably sized one) I felt it was only fair.

We headed home, and Jet, who hadn't gotten up until after 8, didn't nap. I, however, as soon as I had a lunch of simple tamales, went right to bed and when the alarm went off it was HARD to get up.

I think I'm coming down with the lightening virus that struck down John and five other co-workers, four of which I met with, all day on Friday. Yeah, I knew I had doomed myself...

But I felt good enough to go to the rec. center, and given the previous reports, there were a few hours of sanity before it would take over completely, and my body was coping with it differently than the guys had. So I felt I should try, at least, but walking was hard to do as a workout, so I stopped after a suitable amount of time. Isabel came to me to offer that I should go ahead and get Jet, and I told her it would take us a while to get into the pool, so they could take their time and finish their workout. So Jet and i spent some time parking cars in the play room before heading to the lockers and the pool.

The grandparents took a while to show up, but once they did, Jet wanted the "round and round" so all four of us hit the current pool with many other exuberant groups and fought our way around the current for 20 minutes. Jet swam for a tremendous amount of it, from person to person to person and along some of the current by himself. He did just great! Then twenty minutes into it, after getting bumped by a few tubes he turned to me and said, "I want goldfish." He hadn't had an afternoon snack that I know of, so it made sense that he was hungry. So we went to the showers, told the grands that we were going to be a while, and took quite a while to get clean and dry and warm and happy and fed. Jet ate about a good cup of goldfish crackers and insisted on carrying them out the door.

John called right as we got to the car in the parking lot! That was very cool. I talked with him for a while and his mom got to talk with him for a little bit as well. Simple stuff, he's doing well, it's all real busy and good. Yay!

Jet asked to go to salad, so we went to SouperSalad, and had a blast. Jet ate very little more than his crackers, he had several rolled up pepperoni. Since he'd eaten a whole can of oranges for breakfast, some smoothie, and a square of waffle plus a bunch of other stuff, I wasn't worried, at all.

He asked Granny, very nicely, if she would get his dessert for him, and he ate a few spoonfuls of ice cream before announcing that he was done. Then he got down and started, deliberately, exploring the restaurant. He would go one place, and then grin like crazy when he got back, simply because he'd gotten back. Then he'd go another place... etc. It really seemed to fuel his sense of independence. Then he stated that he was going to the potty and that I should just stay at the table. Wow, was that HARD.

I followed him to make sure he could get through the swinging door. Then a lady went in and was taken aback at a naked little boy in an open stall. She asked me if she could close the door for him, and I said, "Sure! I'd really appreciate that." She did that for him and then left for a while. Oops. I just hung around outside, and Jet was singing, and I went in, and he told me to get back out. Finally, I made myself sit back at the table and just let him do his thing. Then I heard, "Mooooommmy! Moommy!" And Jet, with his pants around his knees, is at the door of the bathroom yelling for me. When I get there, he describes the dirt on his pants, and he just hadn't wiped well enough. He did, however, want clean underpants, so I had to go out to the car and get a clean pair and trust that he'd keep his naked self in the bathroom, which he did, impeccably.

I came back, and he'd washed his hands, by himself! I was very impressed and they'd been well rinsed as well. Yay! I cleaned him up, put him back together, wrapped the dirty in a paper towel and then did a thorough handwashing myself. Then we headed home. Jet was exhausted by all this, and it was 8:30 when we got home. I set a five minute timer, then asked him what he wanted to take upstairs, and we went up and got him changed, brushed his teeth, and rather than have a tantrum, I just read to him his three short books, and he was asleep within a minute of latching on. When I laid him in his bed he was snoring. *giggles*

Of course I'd forgotten my antibiotics for dinner. So I took those with some chocolate pudding at home, figuring that the milk might help cushion my stomach. I hope.

I actually feel better than I felt when I was walking! But I really need the sleep, so I should sign off now...

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