Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

In case anyone was wondering, the antibiotics, given to me before my SJ trip have made me well.

I am done with the series, and am fearing, like last year, a repeat, but we'll see.

I went off to work a little bit late, and no one was at the meeting and a phone was ringing. I picked it up and then got started on the bridge, and it turned out that the stupid calendar software had made the Irish go in an hour early as there's some weirdness with daylight savings time. It's my warning that the clocks are going to change soon, when our Europeans start missing meetings.

I got through all the meetings of the day, went home for a little bit, and saw George and Jet on bikes and in the trailer on the road. I waved and they waved back and I went home and got everything put at the house, talked a bit with Isabel. The boys got home. Jet was wet from peeing while in the trailer. Uck. So I cleaned him up, got him setup in new pants and underwear, and Jet said that he wanted to play computer games, so I set him up and before heading off to my massage.

It was astonishingly good. Bonnie has some new techniques plus she uses stuff like hot rock massage, deep heat packs for my really tight areas, and she seems to leverage all the types of massage in ways that really work for my whole system. My.

I got home around quarter to seven, only to find that Jet had had an accident in the computer chair. Two in a row? Then we had dinner.

Isabel had roasted a spaghetti squash and it was wonderful! I was surprised by the great texture and how well it went with spaghetti sauce and pesto. Yum.

Jet had eaten just rice all day. With us he had some pepperoni and crackers along with some juice and then a quarter of a can of oranges. He went back to playing and had a third accident in a row.

I took him to the bathroom and he couldn't pee anymore, but we established the rule, now, that if he wanted to play a computer game he had to pee. It took a lot of crying on his part before we got through all that, but when I praised him for crying and yelling out his frustration, he soon stopped. So we went upstairs after I rinsed out his clothing and put it into the washer, and we played with Legos for a while. After an hour or so he found a long, black plastic strip of really old CD games. So old they still had Windows 3.1 as the recommended OS. Yi.

But on finding those he said, "I go use the potty now, so I can play games!" And he trotted off and did his business on his own and he sat in my lap and we played until it was bed time.

Jet really seemed to need me for most of the evening. Perhaps having me be away and then John be away had just unsettled him enough, or something. Maybe it was just a boundary check because when I changed him into his pajamas and said that it would be a good time to go use the potty, he ran off and did so.

He wanted me and only me for his night time rituals and he went to sleep pretty quickly. I think it gave John's parents a good break.

I had to have some herbal tea to settle down for sleep, and didn't stay up too late. I just leafed through a bunch of catalogs that had appeared today, and it was fun to peer at the dozens of them that are showing up. I guess it's catalog season after all.

Jet insisted that he wasn't going to the game school, but we struck a "bargain" where we'd check if it was open and if it was he'd go there, otherwise we'd go to the "Holy Moses" school. It was open.

Isabel and I had packed Jet's lunch, made sure everything was in place with his nap sack and stuff, and headed off with George in the car. When we got there, Jet clung to my hand, but I led him to his classroom, and the four of us went in and Jet peered at all the kid-activities going on. One of the teachers there took his hand while we three went to drop everything off for him.

By the time we got back, he was involved and the teachers waved "bye" to us. I introduced George and Isabel to everyone I met so that there wouldn't be any problem with them picking Jet up in the afternoon. Then they dropped me off at work. It was the easiest way of getting the seat traded off, i.e. they just took the car with the seat. Simple!

I've been just working at stuff all day. A big meeting was canceled, though another hour and a half one was put in its place, and another taken off my list as well. The new one was really useful and was an offshoot of last week. It's good to follow up on it in the old, familiar environment. But that left most of the rest of the day free to work on stuff! I loved that.

Now I'll get to go home and probably be a Jet reassurer for the evening. Not a tough job.


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