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Yay! No accidents tonight, though Jet really wanted to spend time with me. This time I learned from yesterday and pretty much stuck with him through everything in the evening.

He had a great dinner, five fish sticks, and then a bit of chocolate and two glasses of orange juice. We had hot dogs on buns that really needed using, and some salad that Isabel made from our tomatoes.

Jet wouldn't let anyone else read to him. Then he played Blues for a short time, and then when I asked him to say good-night to Granny and Grandpa, he refused. So I made like I'd refuse to carry him to bed. Two times, and then he said, quite cheerfully, "Good-night Granny! Good-Night Grandpa!" Granny was there to enjoy it, so that was good.

Jet's read exactly the same books for the last five days. I wonder, a little, if he's just getting as much stability as he can.

He did fine at school. He was also more cheerful and a little less clingy than yesterday, but I also made a concerted effort to really pay attention to him when I was home.

I am exhausted, though, as Jet came into my bedroom this morning. Snuck in so that Granny and Grandpa wouldn't hear him, and I didn't hear him until he was whispering in my ear at my bed. Stealth boy. I don't really blame him, but any hopes I had of getting some respite in the morning is evaporating quickly. So I should probably go to sleep as soon as I can. I have a full day of meetings tomorrow and I'm not fully prepared for any of them. *grin*

Amusingly enough that doesn't really bother me at the moment, as I have the Big Directions now, and with a compass I no longer have to sweat all the small stuff in the every day and that is really nice.

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