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Yay! A Nap!

I got a nap! A good, two hour nap that I really needed and wanted while the folks were swimming.

I actually had a hard time sleeping as I had too many things on my brain and also wanted to hear the phone if it went off; but then I convinced my conscious brain that they wouldn't call until after 6, so I set an alarm for 6 and my brain finally let me sleep.

Right at 6:15, which was when I got my contacts back in and stuff, they called and told me to meet them at Souper Salad! *laughter* Jet had decided that we were going to dine there, again.

So I met them and Jet had had a great day. He'd only objected once in the morning to going to school, but when there he was very happy about going in. When they went in with him to take pictures, he was occupied enough to just keep going. When they picked him up he threw away a truck he was holding just to run to them and hug them tight. He's been spending more time with Granny and Grandpa tonight than he was yesterday. He's not clinging as tightly to me, so that's all to the good.


Maybe being up twice with Mom willing to make the concession to sleep in his bed for a while really helped his confidence or something. As this morning, he asked for Granny to help him with his pants and shirt.

I'm also getting to do my journal stuff earlier, so I won't be staying up to do it later. That should only help, along with Jet being tired from swimming. He's also been clean and dry today, even with the nap. So that's another indicator of less stress. I'm very glad of all of that.

John's coming in late tomorrow, the same flight I took in last Thursday, but I'll get to go an pick him up! Yay! So that should, at least, be more interesting than the drive the previous week. George and Isabel are staying until Saturday, so we should be able to catch up, a little, on sleep that morning, or trade off naps in the afternoon. Whew.

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