Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Jet in the Snow

I totally punted on church this morning. I got up at 7 with Jet, as John was up at 5 to get Jet back to sleep. We'd gotten the clocks flipped, no problem. When the boys headed off to Sunday School, I went back to sleep for another three hours and actually woke up feeling "normal". Aiee...

I guess I'd been missing out on sleep all these weeks.

I knew that it was supposed to snow tonight, so, after a breakfast of smoked salmon and a poached egg and a toasted bagel, I went outside, dug up my thyme, and put it in a pot. The temps are supposed to be down to 12 in this coming week, and I just didn't want to risk it getting frozen through. The mint I'll bet on, as it's so hardy I think nothing could kill it, but we'll see.

It was good to get my hands in the dirt again and therapeutic to get the plants safely into pots for the coming of winter.

I then washed a sinkful of dishes. I think that while Isabel was here I hadn't had to touch a dish, and I appreciated that help tremendously.

It was noon, by this time, and John called to say that Jet was playing hard and he'd already had lunch from the potluck at church, so they'd be a bit longer. I just cleaned up outside, turned the compost by turning the barrel, put my tomato plant out for some sunshine, and watered everything that needed watering. It had been a little too long for a few things, but most stuff was pretty happy.

When the boys arrived home, Jet was still awake! No nap for Jet, he'd woken up late, and was ready to keep playing, but had had nothing to eat at church. So we made him some sticky rice from the packages Mom and Dad had given us. We still have a dozen or so of them, and I heated one up, John gave Jet all the "plain" rice, and Jet ate up quite cheerfully. Finished nearly half a bundle of the stuff, and then asked for oranges to boot. So he had those as well. Milk and some yogurt rounded it off pretty nicely.

We mostly watched football, played with toys, and knitted for the afternoon. Vegetables. That's what we were after a fairly dense couple of weeks. Jet liked it.

At 4:30, 20 Hispanic kids came to the door, in costume and wiped out an entire bag of candy. I panicked. I went to King Soopers to get candy and a few other things and found the ENTIRE Halloween candy aisle wiped clean of candy. There were a few boxes of Christmas candy that were also decimated, but wow. So I decided to just go with what we had and if I was cleaned out, I'd just turn off the light and let it go.

At 5, the boys went over to Macy and Tanners, and they went Trick or Treating while I stayed at home, knitted, and watched Chocolat. I'd never seen it before. Now I see why so many people liked it so much. And a very yummy, not too crazy Johnny Depp as a bonus feature! Yay!

I answered the door quite a few times, but never ran out of candy. The first bunch was an anomaly, and that was a right, good thing. The little guys were out for two entire hours!! Then I heard the doorbell and "TRICK OR TREAT!" and there were rather damp little kids, Tanner, Macy, Jet, and Mikayla, all in a bunch with their parents. It was raining out and cold, but they were little troopers and started to sing the whole song with random chiming of "smell my feet!" "here's my underwear" and "pee pee pants"!! Huh? It was funny, though, and they were all happy and giggling.

Turns out though, that just two doors down, Jet finally just stopped in his tracks and told John, "I go home now."

Next thing I know, the doorbell rings. I open it, expecting the usual chorus and get, "Mom! I'm cold. Can I come home, now?"

We got him out of his cold things, gave him a cup of warm cider, and he settled to lining up all his candy on the floor in a neat, straight row while he counted them and figured out exactly what he had. Wow. Happy boy. A very, very successful Halloween for the Jet Plane.

The funny thing was that he really wasn't that interested in eating the stuff. That was cool, especially when he asked for more sticky rice for his dinner. So he got another bundle for his dinner, and ate most of it before asking for one piece of candy. Then he pretty much fell asleep on my lap. We managed to get him roused enough to get his teeth brushed and get him into pajamas, but he fell asleep very soon after that. 8:30. Wow.

We didn't stay up too much longer than that, but watched some poker. Then we went to sleep. I made the mistake of eating a couple capsules of the Cold Snap stuff, and my guts were just not that happy with me. Sigh...

But, all in all, it was a very successful and good, first costumed Halloween for Jet.

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