Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Absolutely Incredible

We had a crazy Sunday. John and Jet went to church by 8:20. I stayed in bed and slept and got to church a few minutes before 10. We had church. We had snack. Jet ran with two much bigger boys (7 and 12) for most of the snack time. He wouldn't nap on the way home.

We had some lunch. We played. We drove to Sage's adoption party. His parents had signed the papers to make it all official! Hoorah! On the way there, Jet fell asleep, so John and I sat in the Van and let him sleep for half an hour, before taking him into the party and waking him up there. He played Thomas trains the Entire Time. John and I nibbled Korean delicacies of varied sorts, drank juice, and I felt my allergies coming on as the dog shed on everything. Nice, old dog, actually, loved getting scritched, but she was shedding like a snow storm.

At 5, we had Jet show a lady our camper. I smelled something... wrong... and Jet pee'ed on the car tire and then changed into fresh underwear and pants.

We then zoomed off to the 104th AMC theater, and were there in plenty of time to get tickets to the 6:10 showing of The Incredibles and we got great seats, and Jet even used the potty five minutes before screen time. Willingly.


The present short at the front was absolutely wonderful. I think the adults roared as often as the kids did. If not more so.

The movie itself was absolutely amazing.

It's rare, these days, when I get to go to a movie and have it live up to all my expectations. Even when I say that I love a movie, there are often plot points that are lost, a flash of a thing that prove irrelevant to the plot, a flat moment or three, a spoiler of Great Things in the previews, or character flaw that gets harped on just a time or two too many.

This movie had none of those. This movie was so tight, Edna could have used it in a costume.

This movie made me want to play Champions again. :-) Or, worse yet, made me want to write Superhero stories.

I think that the thing that really gave this movie its heart was the deep roots it had in what I'd always loved about super heroes and their everyday identities. Having to fit in, being a class despised for the very things that made them astonishing, special, or wonderful. It fit so well with my teenage and early twenties life.

I loved Edna, more than nearly anyone else in the movie. Her description of super models had me just howling.

Jet got a good chuckle out of the cloaks. He loved, however, that "the baby turned into a Monster and HIT the bad guy!!" He loved that, and whenever anyone asks him about the movie, that is the one scene he repeats, over and over and over again...

The talk Mom gave Violet outside the cave, with the gentle apology for her unreasonable expectations, and simple and complete confidence in Vi's ability to Do The Right Thing when it really counted just floored me. Gave me real tears.

John just died at Mr. Incredible said, "Wow, son, they caught you on video tape and you still got away with it? How fast do you think you were going?" Mmmm... father-son moments...

Vi was just too close for comfort. That's okay now, though.

It was so good, we talked about it all through a gorgeous little dinner at Tuk Tuk Thai. John and I shared a soft-shelled crab curry on jasmine rice. It was very nicely complimented by a honey-ginger drink that was really gorgeously hot with ginger. Jet ate a whole bowlful of rice. I'd wanted something light and nice, and it was both those and tasty to boot. Jet went to sleep as soon as he was strapped into his seat, and I got him to bed when we got home at 10. John and I fell into bed nigh on immediately.

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