Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Got dropped in on by friends last night. Friends we haven't seen for more than a decade, but turned out to be just as friendly and just as nice and just as cool as before we all went our separate ways. They are two Techers who got together at school, too, and it's very neat. They've got a helicopter, an acrobatics plane, a kit plane they built, and a few other flying contraptions and four electric cars, and were taking their jet through after trips, yesterday, to Connecticut, Florida, and somewhere in the mid-west? This after K.'s dad's funeral and dropping his mom and brother off, they were dropping another brother off here in Boulder.

So we had a fun dinner with them last night, even with Jet being mildly cranky and tired from his cold both yesterday and today. They came by to see the house and Jet and have lunch with us at the little Mexican place in Erie, close by. Simple stuff and good.

Turns out they have a house and a guest apartment with two bedrooms, a bath, and mini-kitchen and they live about 25 minutes from Santa Cruz!! Hoorah! They've invited us to stay whenever we like, and since the apartment is separate, there shouldn't be any problems with Jet waking up in the middle of the night, crying. Most of our Bay Area friends have houses or apartments with thin walls, and it's kind of a cool thing to, perhaps, have a place where we can stay where it just wouldn't be a problem. They also fly here semi-regularly to visit with the brother here, and it would be interesting to catch a flight with them some day.

So, next year, it's likely we'll make it out to the Bay Area and get to visit flit and her Moose and Brad for sure, and possibly the other Horde members in the more eastern parts of the area. Or even get visited by such folks and even some of the other Techers we know in the area, as there are at least two other couples from school that now have at least one kid. That would be interesting to see all the offspring together.

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