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We'd mostly caught up on sleep by today. John got to sleep in until he was done, which was about 8:30, and he was all caught up, finally. Jet and I had played, watched cartoons, talked, and just been with each other for most of the early morning, from about 6:30 or so.

When John got up, I put myself together, and we headed to Lucille's. Jet plowed through a fresh-squeezed orange juice and a whole beignet (with all the powdered sugar on it, which was a very impressive feat) before we even got our food. I had the Eggs Sardou, which has creamed spinach under poached eggs with Hollandaise on top. Mmm. Huge biscuits and lots of cafe au lait, and I was set to go chest freezer shopping.

We'd been thinking about doing one of the local dinner prep things, where you go in for an hour, prep six dinners for four (or a dozen for two), and pay a little more than a hundred bucks and take it all home and stuff it all into the freezer. However, the dinners aren't that exciting, still they're food and it's relatively cheap and it's better than eating out all the time the way we're doing. Salmon or chilies or pasta instead of pizza or hamburgers might be much better for us. We'll have to see. But in order to do it we had to have real freezer space. We have two fridge/freezer combos that have relatively good freeze space, one of them is Alton's fridge from the new house with the bottom freezer, we love it, but it's not a deep freeze. There's also some good, local deals on meat bundles from the local meat packers when things are just timed right for consumers. We'll have to see what we might do about those.

Anyway. C&H, the place we'd bought the dishwasher from, had a pretty good deal on a 7 cu. foot freezer, so we bought it. It was light enough we could just pick it up and put it, upright, in the back of the Eurovan. I am constantly amazed by the capacity of that thing.

From there, we stopped at Hobby Lobby to get some yarn for a sweater for John, buttons for a sweater for Sage, and some peering at vases but I didn't find a forcing vase. We also bought some needles and said very firm No's to Jet about all the candy he saw in the exit aisles. From there we also did a few other errands and then headed home, where I promptly fell into bed, and slept until 2. I needed it.

When I got up, we got the freezer into the basement. I ate some lunch, and then someone from the church called to say that with a funeral, the coffee supplies were wiped out. So I ground three pounds of coffee on our burr grinder and headed to the church. There was a troop of Girl Scouts there doing posters for our coffee sales. All the proceeds are going to a Venezuela mission trip.

The coffee, itself, is something special. We're selling mostly Fair Trade, organic coffees from Coffee Jones, which is a local roaster who does great work. They sell it to us, wholesale, we sell it at slightly below retail, not enough to undercut local businesses badly, but low enough to make our price attractive and still make something for the mission. I love the roaster and the coffees a lot and believe in the whole thing. Given that coffee is the next most traded commodity next to petroleum, I think that transforming the coffee industry or giving it a good reason to pay farmers a fair wage on their goods is a great thing. It's nice to believe. Anyway, the Girl Scouts were doing the poster, had learned something about Fair Trade, and it was nice to come in and let them smell the coffees they were promoting and have it be a good thing.

Most of the green coffees I now buy are Fair Trade, too. It's nice to be able to do that.

Anyway... I dropped off the ground coffee, then went to the local knit shop that as right next to the church and bought the knitting needles I really needed, which was a pair of bamboo #8's on a 36 inch strand and a five set of #2's for gloves. My old #2's had lost the fourth, so I couldn't do socks. When I got home, I did a thorough wash of the burr grinder, which hadn't seen a brush inside the burrs for... uhm... five years? Or something close. There was a whole lot of clotted Stuff I didn't really want to examine that closely. It explained why beans were having trouble feeding from the hopper. Sigh. But it was good to get it all cleared out. I polished the feed hopper, took a brush and lots of soap to the ground coffee holder, and got it looking nearly as good as new. No need to buy a new one, now, though I did find that the burrs had been smoothed by all the years of use. Wow.

Jet went over to Mikayla's to play, and had a great time, ending up at Tanner's and I had a quiet evening. John called Outback and brought dinner home, so I could have mint jelly with my rack of lamb. It was absolutely delicious and odd to not have our son there to say grace with us and complain about the food he was devouring.

I did manage to finish an entire sock for Sage, tomorrow. He's having an adoption party tomorrow, so it was good that I could get that and put the buttons on his sweater beforehand. Yay! I'm glad that it's done, now, and so easily. We'd been thinking about going to The Incredibles today, but Jet really wanted to play so badly, and I needed to do stuff, so the quiet evening at home after the busy day was really good.

And the freezer's registering -4 F already! How cool is that?

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