Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

First Parent/Teacher Conference

We had our first parent/teacher conference this morning. We got to Jet's school 15 minutes early, and he zoomed right on into class while we met with Miss Nina. She is the curriculum teacher, each of the other teachers takes different duties, but she's the Teacher.

The conference was both more and less than I'd expected. More about Jet's skills at recognizing shapes, letters, numbers, colors, etc. Less about his daily life at school. I've been so used to Joan and Brenda and other at-home things where the teacher would tell me everything about what he's been doing that the last few months of just saying, "Hi." and "Bye." and "Is there a bag of wet stuff today?" has been a bit awkward. But we got fifteen minutes with Miss Nina, and got the low down on Jet being a good, social animal, friendly with everyone, quiet, and soft voiced around the other kids.

I liked that he whispered to her, during the test, "Am I done, now? Can I go play?" But he was patient with her when she said that they weren't done, yet, there was another page or two to go. Given that the rest of the kids were on the playground, he did really well. :-) Given that he suddenly has had fun calling things "poopy pants!" or "You smelly diaper!" I expect that he's picking up more with the other kids than she's quite into. But as far as she was concerned, Jet was a good kid, and it's a good thing to hear and know.

Given that I've seen other kids in the same class getting bit, I think Jet's doing even better than I would have thought. He's getting along, making friends, and doing things with enthusiasm and self-confidence. There's even scores the kids get on if they participate and how confident they are about doing things. That's cool to know.

So I went away feeling pretty good about Jet's experiences at Seven Oaks, and knowing a bit more on what kinds of things I can work on to make him more skilled at the things they're testing for. Amusingly enough they expect all the kids to have their letters and numbers before they go on to the next level. So, at four, Jet should already have the whole alphabet and counting up to 20 under his belt. Wow.

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