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A Good Day with Jet

I enjoyed today with Jet.

We had fun. I had my meeting to start, and Jet didn't wake up until I was part way through it. He only asked for his shirt and pants and when I asked him to wait ten minutes he accepted chocolate milk and the Thomas movie instead, with only a single question about why I was watching his Thomas movie. He settled and I had my conversation.

I had some breakfast, he had a piece of bread with toast and some orange segments. Then he said, quite seriously, "Mom, you should exercise on your mat."

So I did. I have a Stretching DVD I bought at Safeway, off a Pilates shelf, and it is a 20 minute mild workout that stretches just about everything I normally have frozen during the day. The instructions say that it's hard to get through the whole thing at first, and it was, admittedly, harder with a three-year-old boy caroming off my legs at random intervals. Last night, when Jet and I were dancing (Jet calls it "Singing" as the last half of the word sounds the same as that) on the mat he got to go through my legs. While I was doing actual, coordinated movements, he was just bouncing off my legs and giggling like mad every time he did.

It certainly made the balance portions that much more interesting.

I got through the first ten minutes and ended up with Jet on my stomach while I was doing crunches. Made it more... interesting, but we were giggling so hard by the end of it all that it was well worth it. I should do this more often. It really made a huge difference in my back and shoulders.

Jet then asked to do a "picnic" out in the backyard. He was even willing to put on a down vest and waited patiently on his step while I puttered around putting together his pepperoni, crackers, cream cheese, fries, and a corn dog. He banged into the house to tell me to get out there and see the birds! I got watered down apple juice for me, and orange juice for him, and we sat out in the sunshine and watched for birds. It was actually fairly warm in the sun, cold in the shade, and we were dressed pretty warmly while we ate, and it was good.

Then Jet wanted to see Toy Story, so he got to watch that while I tried to get all my thoughts together for my status of the last two weeks. That was hard, but good, and it was nice to get it done.

By then it was almost 3, and I thought I might make a stab at trying on some Rockports; but I made two bad misjudgments on the drive towards Boulder, didn't get into any accidents. AND Jet fell asleep. So I just turned around and went right home. No problems on the way home, so I took it as a sign. I just unloaded Jet into the dining room, and sat down and knitted for a while. He made noises an hour later, so I woke him up, gave him some milk, and we sat down and watched some cooking shows for a while. They seem to give him interest in other kinds of food (he called turkey breast halves basted in butter "gorgeous"), so it never hurts.

John didn't call until 4:30, work had grabbed him when he was going to get away at 4. But he came home and we headed for the Rec. Center. Walking, weights, and swimming with the Jet in the "round and round" pool. He swam for a bunch of it, and rode me for a bunch of it, and my legs hurt pretty quickly. His lips were blue. The water in the pools was colder than usual. I think something may have happened over the weekend. So we ended up at the hot tub, and Jet sat patiently on the side after the lifeguard warned us, once. I dipped hot water all over him and his lips got pink again and he stopped shivering. His feet were in the water, and with the dipping, I think he warmed up pretty well.

He did even better in the shower.

We then headed to IchiBan for dinner, and Jet ate half a bowl of rice, half a salmon omusubi (with the seaweed), two stacks of carrot tempura, and one onion ring ("Oreo fry!" he called it). He drank my water greedily, and then got two rice candies for his troubles, and he enjoyed the whole thing. Yay! He's eating again! Hee.

We're tired. Rightfully, I think. But it's a good tired.

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