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Jet fell asleep in my lap while I was reading Iron Wok Jan to him tonight after a good, hard swim at the Rec. Center. The manga is bloody, gory, mildly violent stuff, with verbage that I have to do a running translation on, but Jet loves it. He's into the bad good guys and the bad bad guys and all the food. He loves my translations of the running insults into "Poopy diaper!" and "Stupid head!" or other things I've heard him say and cackle over. He loves the cooking parts of it, and I skim over the techniques for killing various animals that get into the food; but Jet's really into it. He loves the pictures with all the words and he keeps asking me to read some more. I think he just likes my voice, at a gut level, but I think he really likes the attention he gets while being read to, especially when he likes pointing out all the pictures.

We had a quiet day at home today. Since the snow fall Friday, we've pretty much been in the house. I baked four or five dozen CCC's for the church's Home Show next week, froze a bunch of lemon bars, and got a little knitting time in. We played games, watched Thomas movie, and did the usual things around the house, and Jet seemed very content on the whole.

When John came home, we went to the Rec. Center, and Jet fell asleep on the way over. When we got there, I picked him up, and he partially woke up, when we got to the front desks, Jet said that he wanted to just go swimming, not play with toys, while leaning, half-asleep, against me. We took him at his word and went swimming. It took a few minutes in the pool before he stopped shivering and looking like he just woke up. But then he was himself. He ran around the pool several times, then used the slide with the other kids. Then he asked to go to the Round and Round, and rode me for a while like a trick rider in a circus. Then John did a thing where he'd have Jet touch him on the head, and he'd fall over into the water while still holding Jet.

Jet did great with that. Even with John and I practically dragging him underwater, he'd strike for the surface, giggle and ask to do it again! Again! There was one time when he even breathed a little water and he was up and going Again! Again! in no time. He even swam the length of the Current Pool at least four or five times, by himself, with me backing him up if he seemed at all in trouble, but he'd go right to John and grin and grin.

The Fish is free. :-)

We then went to our local Vietnamese place. Since Volume 7 was all about egg rolls, I had to have a plate of their crispy, delicious egg rolls, and then my bowl of Pho. Jet ate a whole plate of rice with Hoisin and soy, and then polished off a big rice bowl's worth of noodles and soup, and he drank a good 8 ounces of lemonaid. He's been really making up for his stomach flu days these last few days. Last night, he actually ate two potstickers (spinach, cabbage, ginger, and all...) and a bunch of fried skins with basalmic vinegar, a bowl of mandarin oranges, and a bunch of popcorn. Whew.

Whatever kind of tastebuds Jet has, they're not shy about intense flavors.

Jet had two CCCs that he made from the dough. He ate the raw dough the same way his dad does. Whew.

He was quite the help with the cookies, actually, carefully digging out the dough and shaping them.

Jet helped make the potstickers, too. He stirred the filling with great vigor and made "shells", just took the round potsticker wrapper, he'd wet the edge with the cornstarch water, I'd put filling in the middle, and he'd carefully fold it over and pinch all the edges. A three-year-old making potstickers. Not pretty, but edible, quite. He also had a lot of questions about what went in, and when I let him smell the dried shrimp, the grated ginger, the garlic, and the other ingredients, he'd go, "Yum!"

I almost bet that that's why he ate his "shells" when they were cooked. Hee. Yay! A way to this boy's stomach is through letting him cook! My boy! :-)

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