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John just took Jet up to put on pajamas. Jet grabbed the pajamas and his night pullups, took them into his closet (which is actually bigger than the walk-in closet in our old house), turned on the light, and then closed the door. A moment later, he tossed out one shoe, closed the door. He then tossed out another shoe. Then one sock, then another. Then out came the pants, the underwear, and his shirt, one after the other, each with a door opening and closing to frame the toss. Five minutes after that, Jet stepped out in his pajamas!

My baby's growing up. :-)

John got his birthday presents in the morning, a beautiful Rolex from Mom and dad, and a dry rice stuffed foot-warmer in a fleece cover from me. *grin* He loved the catapiller card that I'd made for him with half a dozen photos and hastily written text all through it. It was fun to do, lots of sections that could be covered with pictures and sketches and thoughts. He liked it a lot, and I was glad that I'd gone to the trouble of doing it.

I had my usual meeting, which I finally moved to Tuesdays. It was just so hard getting up at 7 this morning for the 8 am meeting that I finally just stopped fighting it and moved it. Whew.

At 9, Jet and I found the Thomas the Tank Engine site. He flipped through all the characters saying, "I want that one." after each one. He has a dozen of them, but nearly none of the main characters, as he's more drawn, when in the store, to the roadway gang, buses, trucks, and the like. He loves the Thomas movie John got him, but he doesn't want Thomas, Lady, or James, the main engines in the film. It's interesting.

But it did whet his appetite for choo-choos and he'd just gotten ten stamps last night, so I took advantage of it and asked him if he wanted to go out and shop for choo-choos. Since the snow was about ten inches thick behind the Passat, we took a small snow break and I cleared two tracks for the tires while Jet happily stomped through the snow and played and played and played in it. Since he had on his down vest, a thick sweater under it, his jingle-bell hat, and mittens, he was well-equipped for the play. When we finally could, we headed to Hobby Town and he got to browse for a good twenty minutes before he finally settled on Alfie, a steam shovel! He held it, carefully, in the package, as we went to Hobby Lobby, just across the parking lot, and got a zipper for John's sweater. It was getting really sunny, so the parking lot was a complete slushy mess. It was better than the small, icy roads around the neighborhood, though, so I carefully picked our way out of the parking lot and headed to Office Depot. There Jet rode my shoulders and we found that ink cartridges were cheaper by the pair, so we bought two pairs of each type of cartridge.

It was so sunny when we got out of there, that we took off our down coats. The roads were wet but clear, so we headed into Boulder. We found a parking slot an icy block from where we wanted to be, and Jet refused to have anything to do with his icy, wet sneakers. So he went in the wool socks I'd knit him, and I carried him on my shoulders to the Pedestrian Stop. There I tried on a pair of Rockports, and another, and both had good things about them. My right foot felt like it had finally found Home. My left, however, felt that something was just a bit tight. Luckily, they have a company policy where if you return them within ten days after only indoor wear, they'll give you a full refund. So I took the one that felt just a bit tight. By that time, Jet was running around, bored, so I couldn't really look at many other walking shoes, so we headed for "Into the Wind", a kite, game, puzzle, craft, and kitch store. Jet was fully occupied, again, and we shopped, together, alternately taking things off the shelves and buying them. Mostly for other people, a few for ourselves.

When Jet picked up the Zoob kit, I thought it was perfect. Just 15 pieces for five bucks, they're like Legos used to be, but movable! Lots of fun for very little price, and he can instantly build movable models. If anyone wants to give Jet something, if they can find more Zoobs, feel free. :-)

We then hit the Starbuck's right next to the shoe store. Jet got hot chocolate. I got a short mocha. We shared a two-pack of chocolate covered grahams, and he gave me half of his after he'd finished his whipped cream and nearly all of his drink. We had a good potty stop, and then headed back to the car and the hour hadn't run out, yet! Yay!

From there I thought we were headed home, until Jet explained that we had to go to the library to get "the steamshovel book" and then to McDonald's to use the potty, eat, and play tubes. So we did. We went to the library and got Mike Mulligan and His Steamshovel and I happened upon The Polar Express. Given that he'd loved the movie, I thought he might like the book as well. We both went up to the adult fiction area and I got The Last Samurai and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which, I think I once owned, but couldn't get through while I owned it so I'd sold it and now I'm reading the library copy with much more enthusiasm. Such strangeness. I needed a book, though, for McDonald's, as I knew Jet would have a better time if I wasn't riding him while he was playing. On the way out of the library I got stopped by a local, Longmont reporter who wanted to ask me questions about parking...

We got to Micky D's at 2. The chocolate stop had kept hunger at bay long enough, and Jet plowed through his chicken and fries and juice after a great potty stop and before jumping down to go play like mad with everyone that was there. He had a great time, and was having fun "crashing his car" from his Happy Meal when he lost it, somehow. He'd slid it down the curly-que slide, and just couldn't find it anymore. All the kids in the play area lent their capabilities to finding it when they learned what was the matter. I looked everywhere I could think of, and couldn't find it, either. Oops. It was cool, though, that all the kids tried to help Jet. Finally, when we had to leave, Jet and I went up to the counter and asked if I could buy another car for Jet, as he'd lost the other one in the play area. The lady behind the counter went through five different Happy Meals before finally coming up with another car, and then she just handed it to me with a wink.

How cool.

Jet and I headed home. He spent fifteen minutes frantically putting together a track and driving his new truck around it before I could finally persuade him that it was okay to get back into the car and head for the Rec. Center. After being wide awake all day, he fell asleep on the way from work to the center. That's when I realized that I'd forgotten my swim suit. So I took the Passat through icy, busy streets again to go home, get them and the Rockports, and head back to the center. I put the Rockports on my feet and even before I reached the track I realized that my left foot was in pain, real pain. So it was pretty obvious that these just weren't going to work out. Bleh. But, at least, if I return them before January 9th, I'll get all the money back or I'll be able to find another pair of something that'll really be good for walking in.

But I did have my sneakers, so I changed into them, and walked with John for the last ten minutes. He'd run the whole time, and was rubbery legged after the soccer he'd played at Macy's party yesterday. Hee.

Then we pulled Jet from the toy room and went and swam, and swam, and swam for a good hour. We finally had to drag Jet, protesting, from the pool into a hot shower, and out onto the ice again. The main streets were all clear, but the parking lots were a real mess. The Pumphouse was not that busy and John wanted his birthday dinner there, so we went, and he and Jet had pizzas while I tried the Gorgonzola and steak pasta again. It wasn't nearly as good as it was before, sadly. But the chocolate porter was great, the ginger ale was soothing, and Jet ate the middle out of his pizza. Yay! He also dug through half a dish of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and declare himself done. Jet was well-occupied while John and I talked, and it was pretty obvious he was tired. When he was done, he sat under the table, pulled on his own shoes, and told us it was time to go home and get pajamas.

We did and he did, and now we're plowing through Christmas cards, pictures, and letters. Better to get them done before the postal rush and so our real-life friends have a better chance of getting our change of address before they send their cards. We can hope.

I'm a little dubious about my one day of work tomorrow. Especially since five of the six hours are filled with meetings. We'll see if I can do ANYTHING useful tomorrow, at all. I am afraid I'll probably have to take my laptop on the vacation with me and get something useful done.

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