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Getting Home

It was a crazy night, in many ways. Between the cats and my cold, my sinuses were filling like crazy, even with Sudafed and Flonase I was having problems with a lot of post-nasal drip. I slept fitfully until sometime in the night when the rain started really falling. I could hear it beating against the roof and the windows and with that sound, something in me relaxed, and my nose finally stopped tormenting me and I went to sleep.

John got up with Jet. Not too much earlier than I, though I got up and had a shower, and John packed up everything. We had to leave by 9 to get to the airport on time for our flight. It was 8:15 when we were all set to go, and we hadn't had breakfast. Jet wanted his "funny face pancake place", and we told him it was at home, so we could do it when we were home, but not before that. He piled into the car, all willing, when we said we were heading home, and he sang on the way there. He had a really fun song of "I love Mommy, MOM-my, moooooomy... I love my mommy, mommy, mommy..." which changed to "I love DAAAaddy, daddy, daDDY. I love my Daddy, daddy, daddy..." and after a few awwwws and "how cool!" he changed it to, "I love my window, win-dow, winDOW! I love my window, window, WINdow..." etc. With the car seat, the trees, the rain, and the Zoobs all getting their kudos as well. Hee.

We got to the bargain parking red lot at a bit after 9. There had been traffic along the way, but being nearly an hour early made it easy to just relax and enjoy the ride and the singing. The rain and the wind were pretty steady, and we were glad of the shelter for waiting at the bus, and Jet wore his Jingle Bell hat to keep his ears warm against the wind. So he got a lot of comments when he climbed on board, and he grinned and bobbed his head to make the bells ring.

We got through check-in and security with no problems at all. Stopped at the Coffee People inside security for our breakfast. Jet ate half an apple fritter, two mandarin oranges, and a huge hot chocolate (the guy that had ordered the medium took Jet's small... so he got a medium on). John went off to use the bathroom. Jet played a while and then said, "I have to use the potty, Mom." So I gathered up the four bags, three coats, my mocha, and went with Jet to the bathroom. He insisted on going into the booth himself and locking the door on me. "You don't come in." he said, quite firmly. "Okay." I said, and snuck out to see if John was back, yet. He was. I unloaded all the stuff back on to him, and went back to find a half-naked boy in the doorway of his stall going, "Mom! Mom!!" I herded him back into the stall and wiped up and got him settled, and we washed hands and trooped back to Dad.


I slept for the whole flight. I think they watched Thomas, did the potty thing, and were quite content on getting back to Denver. It was sunny. 50's, warm as anything and there was just a vestige of ice in the parking lot. The more west we went, the whiter things got. By the time we were home, there was still a good four or five inches of snow on the lawns, though the roads were all clear and dry. It had stayed in the shade.

We enjoyed the quiet house for a while. Just unpacking, unloading, and doing laundry while Jet played and played and played with his toys and his things. He was the one that said that it was good to be in a quiet house again. He ate another two tangerines, some crackers and pepperoni for snacks.

Then we went to IHOP for dinner, where Jet inhaled half his giant Funny Face pancake AND ate most of a side order of hash browns, saying that it was "fries on top of chicken". I nearly died when he said, "Yeah! And there's tomato under that!" Potato, tomato, what's the difference to a three-year-old?

From there we hit the grocery store, limiting our buys as we'll be gone again in three weeks. Not too much. But a whole box of the oranges Jet's just inhaling, and some bananas and fresh things we'd finished up before we left. So that was very useful.

I am wiped out. Even sleeping on the plane the whole time. I'm completely wipe out by the week, and my cold is attacking with a vengeance. I will probably stay home tomorrow and we'll see what comes of it. John did an amazing job of getting everything washed and mostly put away. Jet's Box Of Cars (from garage sales and washed) is making him very, very happy along with the box of odd Legos, and the fifteen Zoobs. He seems to be able to make anything he wants out of those, and they're easier for him to assemble than the Legos at the moment.

Happy family. It's good.

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