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Still sick, but the Robetussen's doing a great job of keeping the hacking to a minimum, making it productive when I do cough, and keeping my nose clear. I resemble a useful human being.

Work is better. I don't have irrational fears about expectations anymore. After only working five days in the last three weeks, people are still getting things done, so that's been good. I'm useful but not kill-the-deal necessary, a very, very great thing to know.

Specific data gathering has been good on a particular decision making problem of the last few weeks.

Cryptic, neh?

I do, however, think about the job as a coffee roaster some folks offered us over the vacation, and if I had a clear palette, sinus, and tasting apparatus, I might think of it more. As it is, it's just something of a daydream.

I have also picked up my watercolors again and am painting winter skies, black and snow mountains, and rainy beaches again. Jet, when he sees me painting wants to do it too, so he sets up his table by mine and then steals my brushes and using his tempura paints he makes camel brown blobs like rolling bears, sleeping elephants, and squat toads in the dust with brilliant rainbows of unmixed colors at the edges. He laughs when he paints, "LOOK, Momma!"

Jet says he wants to use my Chinese paints, but is content with a bamboo brush. I'm afraid of what he'd do with the permanent when dry inks... but he's so good with his regular paints, they may be unjustified fears. And he might create something gorgeous.

On returning from the trip, Jet had had a whole week without an accident, so we went and bought him the battery-powered Thomas track set AND he got to buy Lady, the magical engine from the movie. We set it up when we got home, and after he played with it an hour, I asked him if he needed to use the potty. He responded, "But I'm DONE with choo-choos. I don't need any more stamps! I'm done."

Oops. He went, though, and didn't have any accidents for the rest of the day, either, but I guess we're going to need another motivator.

He did, however, go to sleep with both Thomas and Lady clutched tight in his little hands.

He got up crying, twice last night, and John got him the first time, I took him the second, and just slept on his bed until 8. Now I'm sore and achy, though that might be the cold, too. Craved a strawberry shake and mushroom strogenoff, but could only finish less than half of each. I'm so not hungry. The pu-erh tea is a comfort, though, strong enough to get through the cotton that is my taste system.

I am wandering, though. Gave my first stock option grant, today. Feels odd, but good.

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