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Many Gifts In a Day

Walt and Cathie had to leave early in order to catch a flight to D.C. so the house was astir, early, and I managed to drag myself out of bed earlier than I would otherwise have done. Folks were up and Paul and Jan were making eggs, scones, and breakfast. Other folks were packing, entertaining Marina and Jet, and otherwise occupied, and mildly surprised to see me up. Given that I was mildly surprised, too, it was fun.

Breakfast was great, and Jet was great about hugging and kissing folks good-bye once John and I started the, "Don't kiss their nose!" tactic. Jet got into the spirit of the game and gave good hugs and kisses good-bye.

Paul and Jan and George took Marina and Jet out onto the beach on Marina's bikes while John and I packed up all the loose stuff into what was available and stuffed other things into the car. There was some negotiation of who was going to bring home what, and we were quite happy to say "no" to most of the perishables. A few were designated for Walt and Cathie's, but relatively few as they were going to be gone for a week and it made little sense.

Eventually, I made my way out as well, onto the beach, and saw George's brilliant red coat and hood next to Jet's little blue and red coat. Suddenly, there was a sun break and the light poured over the two of them, leaving the rest of the world gray. Jet was cheerfully stumping along in the wind and darkness of the overcast and George was leaning a little towards Jet to hear what he had to say. Mmm... I didn't have my camera, but I do have that moment.

We caught up and walked along with Jet out to the big rock, and then back into the teeth of the wind. Jet asked to get up, so he was up on shoulders again pretty quickly with the wind, and he hid behind my head again and curled his arms and hands behind me. Smart boy. When we got back, we got some hot chocolate into everyone, shoo'ed Jet into using the potty, and then everyone got their hugs and tumbled into their cars, and we dispersed to our various directions.

John, Jet and I stopped at the Sleepy Monk to get our mochas and to talk for a while. Jet reached up and opened the door to the roasting room, and just walked right in and started talking with Victor and seeing what was going on. "Looks like he has a young apprentice," commented Jane. :-) That was cool.

We got our drinks, didn't stay as long, and drove out towards Seaside, the next town of significant size along the coast. It was a boardwalk, sea tourist town with restaurants, shopping, and lots of carnival attractions. We talked about the possibilities and decided that while it might be Jane and Victor's heaven, it wasn't ours. What with moving right into Longmont, we've figured out that we do need more around us than just wilderness and natural beauty. I'm not sure if coffee roasting is our calling, either, as it's not like my heart leaps to it. It's an intriguing skill and problem and something I'd love to learn. I don't believe it's a calling for me, and maybe the belief is the real basis of it all. We'll see.

In any case, we drove through town, and saw a Taco Time!! Which we stopped at on the way back and got a crispy bean burrito, which John and I shared as we were so NOT hungry, but it was a piece of memory we were nibbling on, not just a crisp shell around creamy refried beans.

From there we drove towards Portland, and on the way Jet sang, played with five of his fifteen Zoobs in perfect contentment. Even when he dropped three of them, he had two to play with and that was plenty for him. I was very pleased by that. I love having a child who has enough imagination to take five pieces of Zoob and build and identify a dozen different things within half and hour. That the "scorpion" turned, instantly, into a "scorpion jet fighter" with nothing more than a motion to support the theory was really cool. A "sword" became a "ptkewer" became a "fish!" became a "one leg man" became "hopping thing" made me giggle.

I'll admit that it's extremely entertaining to be a parent, even when the same incidents may not entertain someone who is NOT Jet's parent. :-)

I heard Monty Python's theme playing in the back of the car. By the time I'd dug out John's cel phone, there was a message on it saying that Walt and Cathie's flights had been canceled so they'd be home when we got there. We called to see if they wanted to do lunch and they said that they'd meet us from the airport at a nice Vietnamese place by their house. They said we should get started as they were, as we were, pretty not hungry. Jet, on the other hand, who had eaten very little during the weekend, plowed right into his mountain of rice as soon as it appeared.

I got a gorgeous duck soup with slices of duck breast on a nice little salad plate on the side. It was really rich, but really good for the cold weather. I couldn't finish even half of it all, but I ate all the duck and I really enjoyed the soup. John had pho and finished maybe half of it. Cathie came and ordered vegetarian curry, which had a big chunk of beef in it (oops), and Walt ordered a really cool rice paper wrapper plate with noodles, veggies, and grilled Vietnamese sausage and deep fried shrimp on it. Wow. They gave him a tall, narrow slot box of warm water, which he could just dip the wrappers in as he wanted to use them, much, much better than the pile of sticking-together wrappers that the other place we've eaten at gives us.

From there, John and Jet and I hit Trader Joe's and I didn't buy even a fifth of what I wanted as the early indications were that our baggage would be badly over filled. We headed back to the house, and Cathie offered John and I a movie. They had a midnight flight out, a red-eye directly to where they wanted to go, so were staying home to do that. So John and I took her up on that and went to see "National Treasure". I think it wanted to be Indiana Jones, but given the modern setting and the weakness of the characters (maybe the acting, too, yes, I'm always more charitable than necessary) it didn't reach that stature. But it was fun, fluffy, and had enough history to make it interesting, and pieces of it were tight enough to be good. But there were enough squinting bits to make me stop, and I was very sad that, yet again, Sean Bean is cast as a villain. The first five minutes had me breathless with hope, but then... *sigh*

After the movie, John checked with Cathie, and she told us to go have some dinner, too. So we went to McCormick's and had gorgeous seafood. Fresh, crisp, cucumbery finishing oysters. John had tilapia with a sweet habanero (HOT!) sauce. I had ono with crab and grilled heirloom tomatoes. Desserts were pumpkin cheesecake and chocolate torte. Way too full, and when John described it to Jet as "oysters with pumpkin cheesecake" I had to giggle. We got home well before Cathie and Walt had to leave for the airport, so I asked Cathie for a favor...

I'd finished John's sweater last night, and I had the zipper right there, so she had me pin it into place and she had her sewing machine all setup and ready to go, and she just ran seams over the edge. She was sure enough to just do it, when I figured about the right stitches per inch to hold it on and how far from the teeth I wanted the knitting. And the zipper's on! Yay! No tedious handsewing to get it in. I was very happy with that. So she did in a few minutes what it would have taken me hours to do. And now I know how to do the other sweater I have at home. Yay!! Quite the gift, and she was busy getting all the last minute things done before leaving for the airport. They had other friends staying at the house, too, for a few days, and they took them to the airport so they could talk for a while.

So John and I got Jet ready for bed, and then took a few hours to pack everything up. Walt had left us a box, and we were able to just throw all the toys into there, and that left just barely enough room for our other things. So it seems that with X-Ray security, we can do boxes, now. Yay!! Walt had done so before, so we now know it's possible for when we have Just Too Many Things to Pack. Whew. So we're all ready to go in the morning.

The cats are getting to me tonight, or maybe it's the cold taking over, finally. But my nose just keeps filling, and even with sudafed, flonaise, and claritin it's just taking me over. Bleh. I hope I can sleep, at all, tonight...

It's been a wonderful week, but I'm going to be glad to get back to my own bed in my own arid part of the country (it would, at least, dry up my nose) again. There's a LOT here that I miss, terribly, and getting this glimpse of it is sometimes hard when I know I can't have it for a couple of years...

Still, it was good to spend time with John's family.

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