Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Fellowship of the Ring and Recovery Weekend

TNT is playing "The Fellowship of the Ring" every single evening this weekend, sometimes twice in a row, and it's Jet's biggest demand when the TV is on. It's pretty graphic stuff, though, and John's been mildly hesitant and when Jet does watch it, he's full of questions about it. I've been answering as I'm able. He doesn't seem to have a problem with it, and is sleeping as well as he ever does at night. On my part, it's such an important part of how I am... it's almost harder to try and have Jet NOT watch it as it is to have him watch it and be there and help explain.

Both John and I are sick. We're both really low on sleep. John slept in yesterday morning until nearly 10. Jet and I did cartoons (I am totally hooked on Shao Lin Showdown), breakfast of cereal and milk, and we played with stuff.

I had finished some old, purple socks for me that I'd found in a project bag. There was just not enough yarn, so I finished the toes in a completely different color, some powder blue stripy stuff. John was so out of it he totally hadn't remembered that I'd shown him the mismatch, so yesterday had commented on my toes. *giggles*. I then started some rainbow socks for myself and realized that I didn't have my ideal heel and toe contrast yarn, which is when I finally faced the fact that I had to deal with the cobweb singles I had on my handmade, Timbertops production wheel.

I spun those singles anywhere between ten and eight years ago, when I still had hands that could do that kind of work. They're... astonishing. Hair thin and so fine the two ply from them still might qualify as a thread rather than as "yarn". I have hundreds of yards of it on one bobbin, a bit less on the other, and I didn't want to think about balancing the two, and, as it happens, that was probably the wise choice as they're so fine, the singles were fraying apart as I plyed. Not a lot, not nearly so often as I would have thought, but they did. I have now lost, once, the ply on the big bobbin and I had to go to the obvious point where I swapped to the next hook and break in there so that I knew that the plys after it would be under it. It was a terrible thing to steel up to do as I know that I'm going to have to deal with that band on the way back; but it'll likely be after the other bobbin has run out and I've gotten enough off that big bobbin that it might be possible to find the lost end again.

Yeah, the ply is so fine that if it breaks ON the bobbin it's likely I can lose the end. Even with the resulting two ply I've lost the end once, already.

Yeesh. I just found out that Timbertops no longer retails their wheels, and that in 2002, they were retailing them for more than a thousand dollars a piece. Yeesh. I love my double-drive Beaver, but wow.

Anyway... Jet was incredibly patient with me while I brought the wheel up, asked him to help me fix it, and then I let him pedal while I lubed everything back up. The leather needs a good coating of something to make it less dry and more pliable, but everything else looks good and just a bit of oil seems to be doing really well for how it's working. Smooth as anything and incredibly easy to do a huge amount of very fine plying.

He pedaled slowly when I asked and pedaled fast for fun between the times when I was working on it, and that was fine. He didn't do anything that was untoward with the wheel, and while I was working, he'd ask to move things. He also did great standing between my legs, holding onto my knees for support, and pedaling while I plied away. He would go at a very good clip and with as many twists as I need per inch, there was nothing like "too fast" for me. I was very pleased that he listened to me very carefully while we did all that and set all that up, and he was very careful of the thread and of the places where he could get hurt. So I think it's now okay to be doing some of these things and leaving the wheel out between times when I work on stuff. We'll see.

We tried to go to a Parade of Lights last night, but between having to get the Passat from some maintenance work, a Potty Emergency (thank you, Animaniacs), and a detour to find date sugar (sugar that's actually from ground up, dried dates, so it has lots of fiber, iron, and other good things), we didn't get to within striking distance until WAY too late. And it was a complete zoo and parking was a good four or five blocks away from the parade, and Jet fell asleep in the back of the car. Tired boy. So we went home, instead.

The local grocery store was having a sale on Gigantic Seafood, including Dungeness Crab, Scallops, and Shrimp. We had the crab for dinner, last night, and it was dry, but tasty. I may just make crab cakes from the remaining crab, as the texture doesn't have to be perfect for that. Jet didn't get to sleep until 11:30 between his late nap and wanting to watch "Fellowship" and everything, and I wasn't to bed until well past midnight. John felt bad from missing sleep and a possible cold, so had gone to bed at 8:30. Smart man. He woke up this morning feeling much better, so took Jet to church. I stayed in bed, this morning, until 11:30. I needed it, badly.

I bought butter while the boys were gone and did some spinning and writing. John's at a meeting at church, and Jet and I might do cookies when Jet wakes up from his nap. He probably needs the sleep, too, but I probably shouldn't let him sleep too much more than two hours or so. Three hours and he'll be up that late again...

Wow. SciFi's doing EarthSea. I've set up the VCR. I never liked EarthSea as much as I liked the Hed series, but then I've always had problems with heroes who make huge mistakes to start and beat themselves up about it. Too much like my reality for me to want to escape there, I guess. Maybe it'll be different now. We'll see, I guess.

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