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West Wind Blow...

We had Big Wind this morning. It made the house howl and shudder with the blasts. It blew over the trash and recycling cans and the trees, yards, and fences were resting places for newspapers, rubbish, and the dry, brown skeletons of tumbleweeds.

The wind was so strong I could hear things hitting the glass of the front door when Jet wanted to look outside. When he insisted on going outside to "Clean things up." I insisted that he wear my pair of swim goggles as eye protection and wear shoes, wind breaker, and he didn't argue. I fought the door open and he went out, bent over. I couldn't breathe after I pushed my way out through the door.

I was very glad that I had insisted on him wearing shoes as there was broken glass everywhere. The recycling bin has been tossed like a giant child with a plaything and there were bottles everywhere. Jet avoided all that, made a bee line to the newspapers and yelled, "There's a newspaper!!"

There were two. I tugged, ineffectually at a tumbleweed, then tried to throw broken things into the cans, but they were blown right back at me. I gave up after a tin can just blew and bounded away across the neighbor's yard.

That's when I realized I couldn't see Jet anymore. AHHH!

I yelled, "JET!!"

And he peeked around one of the tall columns by the front door. "MOM!" he yelled.

Smart boy, hiding behind the one shelter that would cut off the wind. I wrestled the door open and he darted inside.

"Whew, Mom. Oh, look! The house is breaking!!"

He ran over to the back window door, and pointed out the house behind us, which had shingles lifting off the roof with the wind. Wow. It was like seeing a porcupine suddenly lift all its quills. Danger...

Needless to say we stayed in for as long as we could. I had a dentist appointment at 11, so we got into the car at 10:20 and headed out and got to the parking lot 20 minutes early. Jet wanted to call Daddy to tell him about the top of the house coming apart. So we called John and told him about our adventures and warned him about the broken glass in front of the house. Then I had my teeth cleaned. I have improvement to my periodontal problems from the last time I had my teeth cleaned, so that's good, no sub-gum scaling for me. Whew. I just have to go in for another cleaning in another three months. Bleh.

Jet, luckily, was completely preoccupied by the train set in the waiting room, and he had a blast just playing there and then coming to get me only after I was done. He got a toy for his troubles, and then we were off to McDonald's, where we washed hands, he ate, and then he played in the tubes while I knit away madly at the gift socks. At 1:30, we headed out to Good Times where I ate. Though it turned out that Jet ate more there than he did at McDonald's, given that they have all-natural beef, real potato fries, and real lemon lemonaid, it was a much better place to be eating. He finished off with my dish of frozen custard.

From there we hit the library and got Jet movies, books, and used the potty. He left the potty saying, loudly, "We should ask the lady where the movies are!" and the information lady laughed and said, "What should you ask the lady?"

And Jet said, "Please find me the flying pig with the sheep and the jet bulldozer."

I translated, "Farkleberry Farm Video."

She laughed, "Ah... it's out... some other boy or girl has it at the moment, but we can put you down for your turn to get it."

Jet nodded, "Okay. I want it now." I explained and he frowned, "Okay... I'll wait my turn."


Then we asked about Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel, and another librarian walked up and handed us the tape, "I heard you saying Mike Mulligan and I just saw this on the shelving table..."

Jet grinned big, "Thank you!!"

From the library we headed home, and I napped on the couch with Jet watching TV. He said to John that he'd napped. John came home, picked up the glass, and then we headed to the Rec. Center. Jet tried to tell John about the day but got more and more incoherent until he was asleep. He was fast asleep until John tried to put him down on some cushions in the play room. He didn't cry, didn't even look a bit phased. He just started pulling toys out to play with them. :-)

We walked. We swam, and Jet dove and swam and didn't want to get out.

Goldfish and Old Chicago later, we hit King Soopers for the last of our Christmas cookie ingredients, and after we were done shopping, John strapped Jet into his chair and before we even got out of the parking lot, Jet was fast asleep.

I've now made my Marshmallow Treats, John's making Chinese noodle chocolate lumps, and we have peanut butter cookies and brownies from the weekend. We'll probably be making cookie plates for the next couple of days. Whew. But we now have everything. And I can finish the undarned sock.

It's been a great day, all in all, and Jet got through all that in great shape. We have a ton of presents to wrap for the Goodell children to hand over tomorrow, and Kathy's stash arrived the other day, so they're now under the decorated tree. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

The next three days are going to be sub-freezing with a low of 0 F for Wednesday. Amazing that it was 55 today, with that warm wind coming off the mountains, AND it should be 50's by Christmas day, too. But we'll probably get a good helping of snow in the meantime and it should be a very white Christmas. Yay!

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