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There is nothing else in the world like the face of a three-year-old when he discovers the flat-empty stocking he'd hung up the night before now has Stuff In It.


It was even better when Jet actually noticed the empty orange juice cup ("Santa's tired of milk." he said.) and the leftover cookie pieces on the plate.

Jet was very impressed by Santa's choices of an radio controlled RC with hanging-off Woody and Buzz as well as the NEW Big Book of How Everything Works ("He knows I read it every night?"), and he was very happy with the other things Mom and Dad gave him. It will always amaze me how full of joy he got every time he opened something he really, really wanted. I know I never even come close. *grin* Okay, other than when I opened Kathy's gift for me that contained a hardcopy of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Greedy wonder and YUM.

We had a very simple day, today. Just mostly stayed home and played with the toys, I read my book, knit at the second sock of a rainbow pair, and John putzed about, watched football, and then ran out to get some stuff for Sunday school, tomorrow. Luckily, Walgreen's was open.

We had giant shrimp and steak and veggies and stuff for dinner. Jet had a huge bowl of noodle soup for lunch, but very, very little for dinner. He's been sick for the last few days, so it's not too much of a surprise that he's slowed down eating.

We're now calling family and wishing them Merry Christmas. It's been that in this house, so thank you all for your effective and good wishes. :-)


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