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We're in San Diego. Jet and John are recovering from a lung virus. I'm ramping up on it, but the meds are good, and I'm functioning.

The days after Christmas were quiet. Just playing with our new toys.

Sunday night we went to see The Incredible again, after hearing so many negative reviews of the Series of Unfortunate Events, we thought we'd go to something we knew we'd love, and we all loved it, all over again. Jet went "YAY!!" when the big robot fell down at the end, in the midst of a completely silent, but full theater. As soon as they heard his Yay, the rest of them started applauding. Hee.

One time when we were getting in the car to go somewhere, I banged my elbow on something and went, "OW!"

Jet asked, "Why you go ow?"

"I banged my elbow on the doorframe. Ow. Ow. Ow." as I'm rubbing it, ruefully.

"Are you going to say sorry to yourself?" asked Jet in exactly the same tone as when I ask him if he's going to say sorry to someone he just bopped.

On Monday a family with a six-year-old who had out grown his Thomas the Tank Engine trains decided that Jet could borrow their train table and all the track, trains and engines that their son didn't want to play with. Since Jet gravitated toward those tables at every opportunity, we took them up on their very generous offer and brought it home.

Jet's been glued to that table since. One morning, he even asked John if he could just play at it himself and Dad could go back to sleep. So John came back to bed. Ten minutes later, Jet comes in to tell me he has a pocket in the back of his pants. He leaves when I wake up enough to acknowledge that. Ten minutes later he brings up three engines to show John... John got up soon after that. :-)

Joan took Jet for Tuesday and John and I spent most of it wandering about the shopping malls and going to a movie. I finally found a pair of jeans that I love. Regular, boot-cut Gap jeans in the traditional deep, dark blue. They cut them just below the waist, so I FINALLY have a pair of jeans that doesn't try to cut me in half at the waist, but actually fits in the thighs and butt. Normally, my hips and thighs are far too skinny for the pants that have my waist size right, but with these mildly low cut jeans I'm in hog heaven. Whew. I bought two. On sale, at 30% off. Hee. They'll probably last me for another decade.

We saw House of Flying Daggers and loved it.

Then we packed. The flight was uneventful. Jet fell asleep after his in-flight movie (Thomas the Tank Engine), and I carried him to baggage claim. It's been just a quiet time at my parents' house since. We had Jet's fourth Christmas this morning, and he knew the drill, helping with passing out all the presents and then diving in with vigor. He loved it all. He's having a great time interacting with Kathy and my parents.

It's good. John and I are taking turns sleeping a lot. We have already hit the Mecca which is In and Out Burger, and we have designs on Trader Joe's, and plans to meet up with an old friend of mine from high school. I am not sure why John and I are so exhausted, but we might be from the last couple of weeks and from fighting off Jet's lung virus or something. So we're sleeping a lot and eating lightly. With Mom and Dad and Kathy we have plenty of babysitting power, though, last night, Jet insisted that John and I put him to bed. We'd had mild plans to go out and do something, but since it was a completely new place for him, and we were exhausted ourselves, we just bagged it and put him to bed, talked over my parents' plans for their kitchen, and then went to sleep...

Mmmm... sleep.

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