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John is just totally trashed today. I slept out on the couch because his nose was so stuffed up he was snoring non-stop, and I was weirdly stuffed up in such a way that I would wake up at random with the physical knowledge that I hadn't breathed for a while, so I'd sit up on the couch and wait for things to drain properly, and then I'd be able to breath enough again to lie down. I kind of wish I had a nest like Jet does.

Jet's at Joan's an extra two hours today, so we can rest and we don't have to take care of him for a while.

I plowed through more work stuff. There is a ton to go, but so it is with the spirit of procrastination, the work of months stuffed into a week or two. Then again, more realistically, I didn't have the time to do this until two weeks ago, so it's not really my fault. It just feels like it. So I'm going gung-ho and Jet and I may well camp out in the office while John sleeps.

I'm not sure if I envy John or if I'm just glad that my obsession with getting my job done is allowing me to ignore the damned cold.

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