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Lungs and Wishing Stars

Woke up, last night, unable to breathe. Found the inhaler. Used it. Breathed.

I sometimes hate my lungs, but then I figure out what life would be like without them. I think I'm better now, but I thought that days ago. So I made an appointment with one of the family practice doctors who is on-call at the clinic today. If I like him, I may keep him and finally get to doing my annual checkups. For Jet's sake if not my own. It's been 10 days, and the drugs I'm taking say, on the package, see a doctor if it's been 10 days, and I'm so tired of not being able to breathe.

My old boss, Charles, said that he'd had a similar lung thing and they'd given him anti-viral stuff. So I have hopes.

Work is good. I do what I can, and that seems to be enough, no matter at what level I'm at. That's comforting.

Jet's a great guy. Yesterday he didn't want to go to school AT ALL. John had to carry him in. He seemed to be having an okay time when I got there, and we went to Mrs. Toad's Toys, across Hover, to get him his ten-stamp prize of Annie and Clarabell, the two passenger cars Thomas always leaves behind. He spotted them from yards away from the display. I was impressed.

For myself, just because I was so tired of being sick, I bought myself some Klutz Wishing Stars. Just for fun and they were comforting.

Jet loves them. Says he's now a Star Catcher! like Dora! :-) He likes it when I write a message inside one for him. I wrote, "Mom loves Jet." inside the star and he smiled and smiled and held it like it was a diamond.

We played choo-choos. John came home and built Jet a whole other track setup with two bridges and a round house. Then the two boys made corn bread while I fried up a ham steak, and we had them with salad and veggies. Clementines for dessert and Jet drank a smoothie from his new smoothie bottle with four kinds of fruit, apple juice, and yogurt. He cheerfully plowed through two big squares of corn bread for his dinner.

It was train movies after dinner, and just a quiet evening at home. I knitted a purple/pink fluffy scarf and was very happy with it. Mmmm... warm. I made it short so that I'd have enough left to make myself some mittens. I might want to make Jet a new pair of mittens as well, as the insulated gloves we got him are still too huge for him, and his old mittens seem to be to small... and he likes his yarn things so much that it's fun to knit him things that he loves wearing out into the cold.

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