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Bah. Antibiotics and a super-inhaler.

Given that this is lasting far longer than it did with Jet or John, it may be right. The fact that I still have a fever doesn't hurt the diagnosis, either, but it makes me grumpy. So it is. It may, at least, help, and the new inhaler is a once every twelve hour deal, so I should do better at night. He did listen to my lungs, pretty thoroughly, before doing the prescription.

Still... antibiotics feels a bit like a defeat to me, irrational as that might be, given the state of my lungs, and we didn't talk enough about 'other drug' interactions, given that I'd given his nurse a list of six things I'm taking right now to combat this puppy (inhaler, painkiller, expectorant, cough suppressent, decongestant, and flonaise for inflammation) he didn't say I could keep using any of them or to stop using any of them... but the drug labels warn me to not use over the counter stuff, any of it, as some might have interactions. Great... left with nothing BUT the antibiotic and the super anti-asthma inhaler... but if if the inhaler's for all inflammation, it might be okay.

So no second-guessing for me. I'll stick with the two new things and see what happens.
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