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One out of Two

The super-inhaler (advair diskus®)is working. Took all night to get to it, but my asthma is now "under control". The antibiotic is doing diddly-squat for the cold, but, at least, now all I have to contend with is the cold, not that AND trying to breathe.

John's doing well. Jet's his happy self. We played choo-choos, video games, and had lunch, and now Jet's also eating some ice cream. I'm looking up addresses for the few cards I never got out. John went out and got some time to just browse through Borders, on his own, and figure out what he really wanted from my parents' gift card to him. He really appreciated the time.

It was "raining" on the back porch this morning, when the sun struck the snow on the cover to the porch. It all melted at once, as it's actually 40+ out today, but in the shadows the snow remains. It's only under the touch of the sun that it sags and gives up its liquid heart. I enjoyed even the illusion.

My super-fuzzy purple scarf will soon be joined by a pair of mittens. The dead air density in the scarf is so amazing I HAD to make myself mittens from the stuff, as I have none and it's cold enough that I really wish for something that can just keep my hands warm.

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