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The cough's moved around a bit. The Advair's definitely doing a number on the asthma, and it's a good thing, too. I'm still really tired, but I am coughing steadily less and less.

Yesterday was fun, with Jet. We mostly played choo-choo's, going through three configurations of track through the day. I made him a set of "JET" pancakes, and he ate them all along with some oranges, apple, pepperoni, smoothie, and a "treat" later on. We cuddled and watched a few of his movies and then he was ready to go out and do stuff with me.

Saturday evening John managed to jam and finally kill the Capresso burr grinder we've had for nearly five years (yes, it's only warrentteed for one, we did good). The burrs were worn smooth and we'd made the grind finer and finer, but it worked. The problem was that we've been grinding coffee for the church with it, multiple pounds at a time. So we were definitely abusing it. Given that the church has this gorgeous professional espresso grinder it seems odd, as I had thought about bringing it home again, or using it at the church, except that I slept in on Sunday. The boys did church stuff. I slept. I needed it as I didn't get up until about noon.

That afternoon we hit the Outlet Stores in Loveland. Joan had given us gift cards, and I wanted to use them at Harry and David's as the one thing we'd gotten them was from there, plus there was Stuff I wanted, badly, like Mavarick pears. John ended up getting an armload, too, mostly snacks and some pop for the drive home. I also got discounted Christmas fudge and Christmas chocolate covered grahams in a cheap Santa tin. They were yummy, but covered me in chocolate, when Jet got hold of one he was just coated... and didn't want to finish it as it was making him TOO MESSY. Yes. MY boy can get "too messy". Amazing. I took a while to clean him up. We then hit some kitchen shops and John found a $20 burr grinder. We had a mild adventure driving back along ways we hadn't done for a very long time.

We took the grinder home and found that, at all settings, it spewed out Chunks of beans. I ended up using a beater blade on it all, and we got, manually, through the last two pounds. Jet happily scooped beaten beans into the blender, and we did what we could.

Jet and I, on Monday, went to the Brewing Company just to see what they had, as I'd been doing some Internet research on burr grinders. I found to be very, very illuminating in lots of interesting ways. I'd seen as a source for green bean information and roasters, and the only grinder they offer in the range I was looking for was the Solis Maestro Plus, but with a lot more looking I figured that it was really an espresso grinder and targetted toward the espresso crowd and that a drip drinker didn't need ALL the ranges that thing had. It was a tossup, for me, between the Capresso Infinity (we'd just had so much good luck with our other capresso) and the regular Maestro. The Brewing Company had both, for not quite as good a price as I could get online, but it was good to get a feel for them. I still couldn't decide, but Jet gave me time as I'd promised him a treat.

We got him a discount Christmas chocolate, and he ate it happily in the car as we drove over to Target and found that they carried neither grinder. So we went home, and Jet wanted a bath, just to be clean. I figured that since I was sick, we weren't going to the Rec. Center, so I set up my laptop in his bathroom, and he had a "banana bubble" bath. Little Monkey, indeed. He loves the banana bath, and he stayed in there for a good 40 minutes, with occasional infusions of hot water. I researched and read.

When John came home, I hopped into my own bath with bomb and discovered the joy of a narrow, deep soaking tub. I can just fill it about a third of the way and when I get in it gets nearly full. I can't stretch out, but I can soak, and that's worth everything else. So it's not quite as water-wasteful as I was worried about, but so it is. It was a great soak.

We went to Sakura's for dinner, and Jet inhaled a salmon-laced rice ball. The guy didn't just put salmon in the center, but laced the whole ball with the pink stuff. Jet poked at it, pinched off some of the pink to taste it and approved. So Jet now has another source of protein. Whew. Much better than pepperoni. He ate nearly the whole thing, and it was about as big as a man's fist. I was very impressed.

We stopped at the Brewing Store, again, on the way home, and John got to see all the grinders himself, and I did a running patter on the good and bad points of everything they had there. I could see one of the ladies that worked there watching us and listening in, wide-eyed. Possibly at the sheer amount of data I was spewing out. Whew. John looked at all of them, handled each of them, and listened and didn't just pick one up and buy it. Afterwards, though, in the car, he made the judgement that the Maestro sounded like the best deal for our dollar. So I bought it, online, when we got home.

Home again, home again, and Carl, a friend from church, came over to do an cold air return for the basement. It needed to be done, and he gave John some advise about how to do one for our bedroom. I had always wondered why our bedroom was so darned cold, and it turns out that the return for our bedroom was OUTSIDE the door! So we've left the door open at night, now, and it helps immensely. John also cleaned the furnace filters, replaced the house humidifier filter, and we're good to go for the rest of the winter. He's been so busy I feel like a sick slug, but so it is.

Jet helped with the ducting, and was pleased as punch to hold screws and hand them to Carl as needed. He was very, very careful for the whole hour-long procedure, and did great. When John got him into pajamas and read books, I nursed him for less than a couple of minutes before he'd passed out, asleep. John's and my new routine is to just go to sleep as soon as Jet does, and I'm very glad of it.

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