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A Successful Weekend

I'm healthier, rested, and feel good about

Friday was hard. I had a hard people problem at work that was all mixed up with my own principles, and my boss and I talked about it and he said, "It's a hard problem." He didn't give me any answers, and that is as it should be.

That afternoon, as I was slogging through a class I really shouldn't have been at, I got a note from redbox dvd that was a receipt for renting "Around the World in 80 Days". I wrote John, "Thank you for giving me something to really look forward to." He wrote me back to say that the Solis Maestro coffee grinder I had agonized about was here, too. Hoorah!

It was great. Jet was chanting "Chuckie Chan! Chuckie Chan! Chuckie Chan!!" fairly quickly and loved the movie. We watched the whole thing after a dinner of giant shrimp, bread, vegetables, salad, and rice. I started my rainbow sweater, using the same colorful yarn as the ones John and Jet have. I am also working on putting up the picture of Jet in his rainbow sweater with the lorakeets, yes, I'm making a sweater that bright for myself as well as the one John has.

I went to sleep way too late, while finishing off a sock so that I could clear my project plate for the sweater, and the good thing from that was that I got to see the pilot for Battleship Galactica. I grew up with the original series and it was really interesting to see the actual edge they added to it, and get that odd shock of recognition with certain aspects of certain characters, even in completely different actors.

Saturday I slept in late, as Jet slept in late (I was his rescue parent for the morning), and John got to sleep in as well. When Jet got up, he put his clothing on the heater vent, climbed back into the warm bed with me to warm up until his clothing did, and then he dressed himself. He played with his choo-choos for a while, and then wandered out and then back in to announce, "Daddy's making sounds, showering sounds." "That's good, Jet, why don't you play with him?"

I then slept, in Jet's bed, for another hour and a half. I found the boys finishing off another rendition of Around the World in 80 Days

I put myself together, and we loaded up into the car and went to Niwot for breakfast at the little cafe there. I'd put on Kathy's gift, "I'm Blogging This" t-shirt and realized, as we had our breakfast that I actually wasn't blogging every darned thing. Stuff like which car we drove, their serving Starbuck's coffee for free with paid breakfasts, Jet's specific toys, the conversation of the six people next to us that was more about a divorced friend and her crazy kids, the attitudes of the greeter, the drink waitress/bus girl, and the waitress, were all things I'd usually have given a complete miss on.

My breakfast I would have described, as it was a gorgeous mix of onions, red peppers, portabella mushrooms, and smoked trout on a bed of home fries, slathered with a tangy Hollandaise and topped with two perfectly medium fried eggs. The eggs were something to write home about, they were exactly medium, with the completely firm whites, slightly firmed yolks on the outside, creamy, thickened inner yolks, and just crisp edges. Wow. John's Mama's Fritas were darn tooten, too, with chorizo and green chile and fajitas style vegetables on eggs and potatoes. Wow. Jet's "Happy Face" Pancake turned out to be a Mickey Mouse pancakes (with the ears) and fruit for the eyes, nose, and mouth. He had a huge cup of orange juice and half the pancake, which was bigger than his head, and a few nibbles from a slice of bacon. Happy boy.

We then headed south to the New Pacific Ocean market, which is just HUGE and clean and there are half a dozen restaurants that look like they're moving into the front foyer. It looks like it's being modeled on a 99 Market!! And they have a Pho 97 already next door. We'll have to go there more frequently as it's nearer than the okay Pho 97 that's just two exits further down 36. I bought a lot of stuff in there. Good stuff that you'll likely hear about as I eat them. Yum.

Home again, home again, and I took another nap. Hour and a half as John and Jet wanted to head out and go to the Rec. Center. It's been more than a month since we've gone, between Jet's cold, John's cold, and my illness. I'm finally mostly there, but eventhough we "just" went swimming, I could feel the edge of my asthma trying to take over my breathing. Not a good feeling. Before we left and on the way there we were listening and watching the playoff game. At the pool, John would go over to the windows that looked onto the HUGE screen TV in the lobby and he figured out who won the first game. Then we went to the Pumphouse and watched the second game as well.

The waitress gave Jet a HUGE FIRE ENGINE, which he cheerfully played with while waiting for his food. The fact that he'd eaten most of a box of goldfish helped him be very, very patient. :-) We all slept well.

John was up at 7 on Sunday morning to get to a meeting. Jet and I had a leisurely breakfast, and I took Jet and all his stuff and my main kitchen knife with us in the van to the church. When I dropped Jet off for Sunday School and John was there, I stopped at a local coffee bar, Gizzi's, for a quick mint mocha. I then headed to the OUR center and spent the morning prepping food for lunch for about 120 homeless people. They'd asked Xilinx, last minute, for a team to fill in for another team that had canceled, so there were three of us there running our butts off for the first hour or so and then other folks showed up and it was good. I finally left when the first people we were going to serve showed up. I like doing my work and leaving... and it felt good to really do a lot of things that were going to benefit someone, directly. I then stopped at Wal-Mart and got contrast yarn for my sweater and headed home to find the boys already there.

We had lunch. Tanner and Macy were coming over after lunch, and Macy decided she wanted to go back home, so Tanner and Jet played with John for a while and he had to leave for a meeting, so they made do with each other for a while, and then Tanner asked me to play video games. So we did. Then his dad came over and said that he didn't much like video games, so we stopped and Mikayla and Macy ran over to swing in the backyard. The boys stampeded out and then they all streamed over to Mikayla's. Oops.

John came home. Then Peter brought Jet back home. He was tired and we were watching another playoff game, so Jet shucked his coat and shoes, sat in my lap and fell asleep. Earlier in the day he'd said he wanted noodle soup for dinner, so I got out the fresh ramen from the Market, and made ramen for all of us. I love the clear soy-based soup and the chewy fresh noodles. They're so good. Jet woke up in time to eat a LOT of his bowl, and John and I polished off ours like Tampopo's customers would have. I'd topped them with spring onion, char shao (roast pork), and pickled radish. I also had some toasted shallots from a Vietnamese store, and they smelled so good, I put some of that on as well and they were so fragrant! I loved that.

It was a great meal.

We were watching My Cousin Vinny, and were at the end court scene, and they win. John says, "Huh, they saved Ralph Macchio."

Jet pipes up, "Why?"

"That's a very good question, Jet." I fell over laughing...

Afterwards we did grocery shopping for the week and then fell into bed for sleep. Yum.

Today felt like the rest of the weekend. John and I went to sleep relatively early, and John got up at 6 with Jet, and put him back to sleep twice in a row before he left for work. Jet wasn't up, again, until 8:15, which was a bit after I was up.

I had a great experiment with the Solis Maestro. We have a little Krups boiler (no pump) espresso machine. I heated some milk. Then I ground two servings (4 tablespoons) of the Coffee Jones espresso blend beans using the grinder just two notches below the one John uses for drip coffee. Yes, we grind our drip stuff pretty fine, and this espresso maker get clogged way too easily for me to go all the way to an espresso grind. I tamped it at 30 lbs, and then I put the portafilter in and plugged the little guy in and turned it on. Bubble, rumble, grumble, bub-bub bubble hiss... I'd left the steamer open, let it drip, and when it went clean/dry, I closed it and prayed a little. Really dark stuff started dripping out of the portafilter. Yay! It took 25 seconds for it to get a short shot (i.e it was still well short of the 1 shot line). I went 40 seconds for the two shots and that's when something that looked a heck of a lot like crema came out.


I turned on the steamer, the brewing stopped, and I had steamed, frothed milk in my huge mug. I turned off the machine, put a mug under the steamer wand, and then poured the espresso into my mugga milk. I drizzled caramel on top of the foam, and I drank. Yum. I drank the last few drops from the espresso carafe and was surprised to find it strong, not bitter, and packed with flavor. The real coffee snobs say you can't get that out of a no-pump machine. Hm. Well.

I then went out and roasted some Panamanian coffee and some decaf Sumantra for the coming week. It was so warm out I could just do it on the back porch. THAT was really nice. I also rolled my compost barrel out into the sunshine, as it needs heat to really work and by spring I want real compost. With the coming, warm week (up to 70 degree), it should get a good start, at least, during the day.

I enjoyed my latte with my donuts. Jet just ate his donut and drank a mug of orange juice and played choo-choos. We watched Fantasia and Jet's teletubbie's shows. We had lunch. Jet ate four pepperoni crackers with cream cheese, and drank a smoothie with four kinds of fruit. Then we headed for the library, and found that it was, of course, closed for Martin Luther King's birthday. We hit Hobby Lobby for the last of my sweater yarn, and then went to the Red Barn park where he played for a good hour before we went home to see some his Thomas movies as well.

John came home soon after that, and we went to the Rec. Center, where Jet very happily "played toys" as he wasn't able to last Saturday and he was still disgruntled about that. I walked for half an hour and then let John run for a while as I was just too tired to do much more. I'm still recovering so I didn't want to push it too much. We all went swimming for a while. Jet started shivering after running up and sliding down the kids' slide. I don't know exactly why, but it was a great excuse to go and shower. So we did. He got good and warm and clean and got his hair dried with the dryer before we headed out to Ichi ban, where he inhaled rice. I happily ate a tonkatsudon and John had the spicy chicken and sushi. It was a great, hot meal and when we came home, we finished one of Jet's Thomas movies and then Jet and John went to sleep. Jet was asleep almost instantly, he was so tired.

I'm better, not completely well, but I have an appointment at the end of the week to do a final checkup with the doctor and see how long I should continue with the asthma medication. I actually felt better tonight than I did Saturday night, and even the exertion didn't hint at the breathing problems. I've still got a productive cough, but it's way more mild than anything I was doing at my parents' house. Whew. So I should get to sleep and stay on the road of recovery.

I have to admit that I feel a little weird that even after ALWAYs having a three-day weekend, I am still exhausted most of the time. You'd think that with more free time I'd be more rested, but I think I'm still doing something 'wrong'...

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