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Sick Day

Poor Jet's come down with another cough and sniffle cold. He's warm, and he's tired all the time and mildly cranky. So I stayed home rather than sending him to school, and in spite of six meetings, I did the telecommute thing while John went in and did okay. Jet's just napping, watching his movies and playing with his trains now and again. I have the hand sanitizer on the counter tops, and we mostly just stayed in and I worked, telephoned folks, and I cooked noodle soup for him for lunch. He wasn't that hungry, but he's been chugging juices and warm drinks. I've been keeping him loaded up and sending him to the restroom as needed.

He's been great, only crying once when he wanted me to hold him while I made him noodles. John's now home as well, and it helps just to have him around.

I'm gradually building a mental model of things, and figuring out what I can't do anything about and what I can to to manage the parts that I can influence. It should be better.

Jet's not showing any signs of asthma, so that's all to the good, he's just really tired and cranky from the cold and likely to get better with rest and time. It's good, though, that I can spend the day with him.

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