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Recovering Boy

Jet slept a lot yesterday, mostly planting himself on the couch, either asleep or watching videos. John came home in the afternoon and did some of the watching after the nap. We reheated sticky rice and bao for dinner, and Jet ate very little.

When it was time for bed, Jet went right to sleep. But he got up at about 2, and demanded someone sleep with him. Since John had taken the duty the previous night, I got up and went to lie down on his bed with him. He coughed and grumped and flopped around. I finally got up and gave him medication for his cough, and he got quiet for a while, but when I peered at him, his eyes were wide open. I slept a little, and then when Jet was rumbling about again I finally gave up and asked John to swap with me at 5 am. Turns out that the boys just went right to sleep. I was able to sleep in my bed, by myself and that was something of a treat.

Jet got up all chipper and full of more energy than he had all day, yesterday; however, he is still sick enough that I didn't want him to go to school and infect everyone. So he stayed home, today, too.

Problem is that I think I'm getting whatever it is that he has. Bleh. I loved the Weather Channel's advice about how not to get the flu. 1. Don't touch your eyes or nose with your hands. 2. Don't come into contact with people who have the flu.

Heh. Explain that to my three-year-old, why don't you? That I can't cuddle, contact, or get COUGHED ON... ahem. I guess I'll just live with getting a slew of colds in the fall and winter... and keep my little guy comforted with the security of knowing that Mom's going to cuddle him when he feels badly or sleep by him when he's scared and unhappy...

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