Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Nothing like...

the CO2 froth from really freshly roasted coffee.

This morning, a few folks at work were interested in watching me roast coffee, so I had brought my setup in, and roasted for folks, and I'd been reading about how much froth there can be on really freshly roasted coffee and that it can be a bother in a press pot maker. It was fun to watch it all froth up in the drip filter and to actually be able to drink my coffee black was marvelous. Didn't hurt that I was roasting Jamacian Blue Mountain coffee, reputed to be one of the smoothest in the world (some folks call that 'bland', I like it well enough, though) to a Dark City roast, as I like the caramel overtones at that level of roasting.

I have a Panamanian Best in Cup winner that's aged the requist 48 hours, maybe I'll try that next.

No need to run off and buy myself a way too expensive carton of milk. Yay!

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