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I'm a little mixed up on the days, now (Tuesday), but I was sick all weekend, so that kind of explains the mixes.

I was also unable to sleep for much of the weekend much because of work problems, and because I thought I'd somehow lost or had stolen my little mesh bag filled with my favorite fountain pens, my Christmas earphones, and my RSA key to my work account. We found it, sitting in a meeting room, on Sunday, the fifth meeting room we'd searched. Yes. I go to far, far too many meetings.

But I do remember going to Caboose Hobbies in the late afternoon, probably Saturday, yes, definitely Saturday, as on Sunday we picked up Joan, Alex and Haley and Jet and Haley did foot fights and giggled the whole way home. They needed a ride as everyone else they knew was out of town, so we went and got them Sunday evening, dropped them off as they'd already eaten, and stopped at IHOP for dinner. Jet devoured a whole happy face pancake just as if he hadn't eaten much all weekend, with his cold his appetite seems to have been strangled.

Anyway... Caboose Hobbies is supposed to be the biggest model train store in the U.S., and they are HUGE. With Jet's recent complete obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine, it was a no-brainer to take him there and see what he was fascinated by. He loved it nearly as much as John and I did.

There were panoramas everywhere, and loads and loads and shelves and shelves and drawers of things to build them with along with all the track, engines, and cars you could ever have imagined and then some. They had nearly all the Thomas kits displayed, along with lots of empty slots on the individual critters available. They also had everything from narrow N gauge models and supporting stuff all the way up to train sets you could nearly ride for outdoor use. Wow. The panoramas were detailed, gorgeous things, and I knew I could really get into making mountains, towns, and water and all the kinds of things that were in there. There was one that had a little town and on one of the streets was a small accident that had a car and a truck that had been full of monkeys. So the thing had 21 monkeys making mischief all over town! Wow. I could do that!!

*laughter* It was beautiful and wonderful to see how much care and work went into those things, and to see the trains running through them was all Jet lived for. He loved watching them go around and around. Then we stopped at the Thomas table for Jet to just play with all the trains, and he played and played.

I watched people checking out and nearly all the parents had the same, horrible, deep chest cough Jet and I had. So this thing is going around, I guess. 3 hour viability on dry surfaces, was what I'd last read on the local pediatrics report on this bug, so everyone has it. Bleh.

One father was checking out with three entire bags' full of stuff, and he was telling his little boy, "You're going to send us to the poor house with this hobby of yours."

The poor boy looked shocked, "I don't want to go to the poor house!!"

The father laughed. It was pretty obvious it was really HIS hobby, not the boy's, but so it was.

Jet played and played and shared with all the other kids, which was great, and when he was done, he used the potty with John, and then I disinfected everyone's hands before we got into the car. We stopped by the 79 Pho on the way home, and Jet found his appetite for a while and ate a bowlful of noodles. That was impressive after the last week.

So it's been a good weekend, on the most part. This morning, I stumbled through a little class on how to make worship more useful to the various cultures within the church. I then coughed and sneezed my way through the sermon, and we then did the pouch find at work. I slept until it was time to go get Joan, and we had our little dinner. So that was okay, but it was pretty clear I am more sick than not. Hopefully, after today, I'll be getting better...

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