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Had troubles sleeping last night again. Just too much shit on my brain. Oh well, plus self-doubt and it gets hairy. Jet was up a couple of times, too, so that didn't help that much.

So I got up *late* and John stayed long enough to see me coherent before taking off himself.

Jet was quiet today, grouchy about his right ear "not working" and pulling at it, but I figured that it was just stuffed up. He wanted nothing to do with food or with going outside, but he was cranky and unhappy. He fell asleep at noon, which is mildly unusual for him, and then slept for nearly 3 hours!! So I woke him up and he cried, inconsolably for a very long time.

Finally, desperate to get SOME blood sugar to him, I offered him ice cream, and he stopped crying and said that it made him feel better. Then he and I shared a bowl of noodle soup, which he ate a good portion of and slurped soup from and he was a much happier boy.

John came home, offered him a bath, as he'd had a big accident during his nap, and he went up, cheerfully enough, but then I heard crying again. It was his ear. So, after a very quick sandwich dinner, John called the urgent care, and found that they were open, and we went there and had them check on Jet.

John had given him Tylenol before we left, and gotten a smoothie into Jet. So Jet was extraordinarily cheerful when we were waiting for the doctor. He really entertained the nurse when they did get to us, and he let her examine him, no problem and even *breathed* for her when she put the stethoscope on him! That was really funny. She really enjoyed him, and told him he did great, which made him really happy. He told her that his nose was connected to both his ears, and she was pretty amazed and praised him for being smart. This after John had told him that half an hour ago and he'd said, "No way!"

Then Jet said, "You fix me, right?"

She looked him right in the eye and said, "That's our job. We are supposed to fix you right up." And he nodded at her. She smiled and Jet dimpled back, reassured.

When the doctor came in, Jet started asking, "Are you Dr. Seuss? Are you Dr. Seuss? Are you..."

The doctor ignored him and was introducing himself to us... until John said, "Uhm... he's trying to ask you a question."

"Are you Dr. Seuss?"

The doctor blinked at Jet for a long moment, and then started laughing. Hee.

"Dr. Seuss! You like his books?" He never did answer...

but he did make it up by asking Jet, himself, what the problem was. Jet said that he had a throat (which the doctor filled in as "sore throat") and that he had a stuffy nose. Jet seemed to have forgotten completely about his ears.

When the doctor asked Jet, "Does your ear hurt?"

Jet answered promptly, "No."

Agh. Luckily physical evidence is a very good thing. The doc determined that Jet had an ear infection, and on a scale of 10, it was a 3 or 4, so not dangerous or really bad, just good to take care of and get rid of as soon as possible. He gave us a prescription, and then let Jet pick a treat from the drawer of treats, and then thanked Jet for being a great patient, a real joy at the end of a long day compared to the last seen screaming two-year-old he'd just seen... :-)

Poor man.

Jet dimpled and said, "Thank you!" when he went out the door. I saw the doctor just shake his head in amazement.

I'm glad we made someone's day.

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