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Recovery Time

I was actually worse of than anyone in the waiting room, last night, when we took Jet to Urgent Care. I got home, got my inhaler stuff working, and went into a fairly deep sleep, waking up only to cough a little.

I woke up coughing a LOT. Thick, nasty stuff, that took a lot of work until I got the expectorant and the asthma medication down and then it was less work, just more stuff. Blech. So I emailed everyone that I was sick, peered at journals, and then went back to bed until about 1:30 pm.

I was starving and shaking from it, so took my meds, and ate whatever came to hand in the fridge. Yogurt, tangerines, some cheese, some leftover pot roast, and the roll of refrigerator biscuits was so alluring I couldn't resist and baked those while I made a mug of coffee. I had caffeine headache, too, and needed my fix, badly. So I sipped it while bringing the oven up to heat.

I read a lot over the weekend. I'd finished Dan Simmon's Ilium, which is a fantastic blend of post-singularity humans, the Illiad, Shakespeare, and autonomous biologically-based robots (what do you call the officers in Ghost in the Machine? Machine-enhanced humans when 95% of them is machine, but they have a soul?) and lots and lots of far-future SF. I loved the characters, the plots, and the details of each part of the universe. I highly recommend it.

I also reread Curse of Chalion before reading and rereading Paladin of Souls. Being a 40-something mother, damn but it didn't hit close on many levels. The religion of the series just grabs me, even if there weren't miracles or saints in this world due to that religion, the religion, itself, holds lots of appeal to me, as it's how I see Christianity in many ways, especially, and possibly blasphemously for some, the ways of the Bastard, who takes in all outcasts. One Baptist minister, last weekend, said that, for him, "The core of Christianity is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." I *loved* that. I think it's very Religious Left.

But if I were in that world, I think I'd dutifully work in the temple of the Mother, but would probably belong, heart and soul, to the Bastard.

I finally got my brain off that stupid Gordian Knot of a work problem by cutting it with the all-purpose Sword of Process. We'll see if that buzzsaw of a reality will take care of it.

It helped that I could finally get caught up here, as well. Yes, there's lot of voluminous back-fill now. :-) As well as, finally, comments about comments left here. Thanks, folks!!

PLUS I'm better, finally. I'm actually feeling better, after those huge bouts of coughing this morning, I actually feel more energetic. Whew.
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