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Found a Doctor

I think I've found myself a doctor.

I told the doctor that was working with me, through a good coughing/wheezing fit, that I was actually quite happy with where I am, i.e. my asthma seems mostly under my control, even with some wheezing. I am recovering from my second cold nicely and without undue terror of Not Breathing.

He didn't second-guess me, he didn't say I should do something different. He simply said, "Well, if you're content with this, then I'm happy. No need to drug you up more than you need."

And when I told him I hadn't had a step improvement from the small course of antibiotics he'd given me, he said, "Probably viral then, no need to try that again."

And when he heard that I was worried about facing another cold like this without enough Advair, he gave me refills on the stuff.

With a service-attitude, and the ability to admit that he might have been wrong, AND the ability to respond, directly, to my spoken fears, I think I may have myself a doctor. I asked his receptionist if he was taking regular patients, and she said, yes, his roster's open for new people. It's through a clinic, and some of the other doctors have so many people, they won't take on more, so it's good to ask. And I think I'd seen this guy through Urgent Care once or twice, and had had good experiences with him, so I think I may actually schedule an annual checkup. My first in nearly four years and 90 days. :-) I really should do it more often, at my age, but just hadn't had the gumption, yet, or real desire to pursue a relationship with a doctor. But this one, I think, I could be really happy with.

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