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Jet and I started kind of slow, mostly cartoons and some TV and a big breakfast. We got out of the house by 10 with a bag of knitting, a bag with the DVD player and Jet's Thomas movie, two grocery bags, a bag of choo-choos including Mavis and Toby, and my purse with grocery list.

We were going to go to Crack Pots and paint Jet's choo-choo mug. He'd found a little espresso mug that he wanted for his own mug and he wanted Mavis and Toby on it, so I had to have my models. We drove through the melting slush. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, bright, warm, and white as a picture postcard. We'd gotten another two or three inches of wet snow last night, and it was melting away all day.

When we got there, though, we found that it was closed on Mondays for January, but they had some pretty long hours the other days of the week, so we might go tomorrow.

From there we went to the grocery store, and stocked up for the week. Jet, after asking about McDonald's and Happy Face Pancake Place (IHOP), decided he really wanted "snow noodles" at home. So we went home and found John there with the pantry/sliding drawer guy. They were there to measure our pantry to fit it with sliding shelves. The darn thing is really narrow and really deep, so anything I put in there is pretty much lost unless it's in the front three inches of the shelf. So John was rectifying that situation.

Jet and I made snow noodles, which is actually whole wheat spaghetti with browned butter and mizithra cheese, lots of it. His plate of noodles was nearly as big as mine, and he ate the whole thing AND drank a whole 16 ounce Superfood Odwalla. All by himself. I am so impressed. Especially when he picked the ONLY green juice off the shelves when we were shopping. "It's green!" he said, "That's good for me." And he'd have hugged it while we were shopping if I hadn't taken it from him and put it in the cart.

We mostly did nothing for the afternoon. Played a little Hide and Go Seek and some Crash Bandicoot in the basement. John got home at 5 and took Jet swimming and I got to pull out my DVD and watch The Bulletproof Monk. Wow. I enjoyed it a very great deal. Definitely not the high drama of Hong Kong martial art movies, it reeks of its comicbook beginnings, which I will admit I relate to much better than the other. But the one scene of Two-Fisted Gunslinging made me just breathless with memory for The Killer, but with some really great details emphasizing the Monk's Buddhist background. Yum.

I'll admit that I enjoyed the white folks doing their darndest to stick their routines, and that they'd practiced so hard really showed in some sequences. It was fun watching the extra stuff and seeing Chow Yung-Fat so graceful in the damned wires, and hearing from the actors themselves how HARD it was to do that kind of work. It was fun to see the mix they had in the movie as well. Such graceful experience. Mmm...

Okay. I enjoyed it a great deal. I wish even more American Martial Arts movies were made with this kind of mindfulness.

I got a call from the boys when they left the Rec. Center and met them at Souper Salad and had a good dinner with them. I'm still coughing, but more mildly, and decided not to stress my body while it's still healing. I'll give it a bit more time.

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