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Wow. We're Well (knock on wood)

Jet's in the laundry room, helping John paint it and he's singing:

"Sailing away... sailing away... in my boat. Sailing away in my boat from my roller..."
"To faraway lands, faraway lands. I'm sailing to far away lands..."

He's in an old shirt and his underwear with his little four inch roller, and doing a good job on the areas John's pointing him at. The painting in the library taught him enough that he's actually doing a fairly useful job of coverage on the areas he's given.

We spent the day doing stuff at home. It was so cool to all be capable and at home at the same time. I think it's the first weekend we've all been well, at once, at the same time, since sometime before Thanksgiving.

I'm knitting at my rainbow sweater, and spinning at the red-gold fluff experiment of yesterday night. I spent way too much time, last night, hand carding together some flame colored wool and mohair (from a bought batt) with some tussah. I really like working with that mix for the heels and toes of my socks; and I bought some green, turquoise, and smoke blue (a single batt each) and did a super-rough broomstick blend of the three and then, mistakenly, am trying to blend in the tussah *after* that. That was kind of stupid.

A broomstick blend is where you have batts of single colors that you want some of to appear in random order along the finished yarn. You just taken the batts in the color ratios you want in the finished cloth, and layer them on top of each other and then tightly, tightly, tightly wrap them along the direction of the fibers in it, around, you guess it, a broomstick. You then pull a roving from the end of the resulting roll, and get a very rough blend. If I'd put a layer of well-teased tussah between the batts, I think I'd have gotten what I really wanted. I'll have to try it again, sometime, with less than six dollars invested in the whole thing, it's easy to try again. But by putting what's basically a rope of tussah next to the blended roving, it's dang tough to spin. Still, it's doing the variegated thing I wanted it to do.

We spent the day prepping the laundry room. John and Jet did multiple trips to Home Depot, and I cooked the last of the chuck in to a beef stew that turned out nicely. Nothing striking about it, but it was plain and good, which is all I wanted. That and biscuits were dinner. Nachos were lunch, and some overripe bananas made for wonderful whole-wheat banana muffins for breakfast. Jet seems to be getting his appetite back, and I'm encouraging it for all I'm worth, and he plowed right through a muffin and a half.

We visited the next door neighbor's to deliver Jet's invitation to his birthday party. It was good to just visit for a while and I handed over a beginning knitters booklet. It has all the nomenclature and some good diagrams for the most common stuff. I don't like how they showed the first stitches, but I'll be working with Kelly on that anyway. So that was fun.

After dinner, the boys painted and after working a while Jet just spontaneously started singing. That was really excellent to hear. Wow.

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