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I had a fun evening with Jet last night, and enjoyed it tremendously. Just being quiet, at home, watching videos, building tracks for his choo-choos and finding Bill and Ben, the China clay twin engines and watching them tease Boco, the rather placid diesel. I got to work on my rainbow sweater, dig through all my CDs to figure out what it was that I did have, and see if I could figure out what I wanted to load up for work.

Ended up, this morning, with Kill Bill vol1's soundtrack, the Scorsese Blues conpodium, and Stomp's Pulse soundtrack. I also found someone on the network sharing pretty much everything by Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and various other grunge items. Made me mildly nostalgic. Heh. Nostalgic grunge. That's gotta say something. I liked one interview or something, where the lead singer of Pearl Jam is saying that having him and the lead of Nirvana be the icons of a generation was pretty scary, said something interesting about the generation.

But then I love Kill Bill, too. ;-)

Jet often explains things to me. Stuff like why he had to wet his pants or why he had to destroy a track setup, why he had to eat snow noodles and not pizza, why he has to have Mom and not Dad, and all kinds of stuff like that. They're starting to get really interesting, and I should record the exact wordings...

But one recent conversation had to do with the fact that he was now four, after being three, but that he wasn't five, yet; but that going to five directly from three would be pretty fun and interesting. He had fun talking about why being five directly after being three would be pretty cool as he'd be older, bigger, and more capable. But he concluded that he just couldn't be five right after three, but that it would come after four.

Later in the evening, while we were playing Crash Bandicoot, Jet found one of John's old Land Rover models, all in plastic and completely unbuilt. He brought out the box and started trying to take pieces off the plastic pouring frame and fitting them together. Jet found the Xacto knives and we had to, very carefully put them back as John explained that he thought that Jet would have to be older to really do this.

Jet took that in and said, "But I'm FOUR, now..."

So he definitely understands what "older" means. Just how much may be the only question.

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