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Fall Down Go Tud

So I finished the big hoohaw of Stuff on Friday. Well, the major portion of it, with a few streaming bits of not-quite-there data still leaking out the few remaining holes. But at least I can now count the holes.

Of course, that meant that I could fall down and go tud. The cold that I held off Thursday and Friday while it floored John, floored me yesterday and today. Fever, chills, difficulty breathing, phlegm, and slept a lot. Joan offered to take Jet for two hours, and we handed him over today, so that we could nap, and between that and Jet napping for two hours himself, today, we were pretty much set on sleep. I am actually feeling a ton better right now after gratuatous napping and a hot steamy shower.

I finally updated my regular journal. Spent nearly all of today when I wasn't asleep doing that, though a lot of the entries from the 5th or so on were already on my Visor.

My arm's healing nicely. The big patch bandage has been traded in for regular strip Band-Aids, of neon colors 'cause that's what I got the last time I was hurt. Jet thinks they're fun to play with.

So life's pretty cool. Yay!

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