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Fat Tuesday wasn't that fat for us. I got home from work, exhausted, and eyed a recipe for Lions' Heads with some distaste and decided to just go to the Buffalo Wing place. Jet had fallen asleep in the car on the way home, and we just left him that way. I carried him into the restaurant and John and I sat down, up front, and discussed what we wanted. He ordered. We got our food and Jet was really mad at me for setting him down, sitting, on the counter and moving away. He yelled at me to be where he could lean on me, and he fell asleep again. Poor guy.

So I held him while we were waiting for the food, carried him to the car and then we went home and ate. Jet woke up on the way home, while getting strapped to his car seat, and since he'd been asleep nearly an hour and a half it was about right. He plowed through a mountain of "snow noodles" and ate a cup of mandarine oranges and a tube of yogurt and was ready to play video games...

Hee. So we did. John had a church meeting, and that was cool.

When he got back home, Jet headed for pajamas and bed, and I made the mistake of starting Perfect Circle. I was halfway through it before Jet asked me to come upstairs and nurse him. So I did that, and I nearly fell asleep before he did, which was fine incentive to just go to bed and not touch the book and be tempted.

No. I am NOT giving up that book for Lent. Couldn't stand it. :-)

I think, this Lenten season it would be appropriate to give up self-doubt for 40 days and see where it gets me...

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