Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Mm... warm...

The house has excellent insulation, and after the cold night, it was nice and cool in the house, especially in the cave that is our office. When I went to get Jet from his daycare, I got into the sun-soaked front seat of the Baby Buggy and just went "Aaaahhhh..." warmth. I like warmth, but only when it's cool everywhere else. I could just open the windows and get the interior to a reasonable temperature really quickly.

Jet was happy to see me, though he was also pretty happy playing with Haley in Joan's lap. Joan said he'd been playing the whole time, so he was likely tired. He snuggled in when I picked him up, settled into his car seat, and on the way home fell asleep. So I'm getting my extra hour in early. Tuesdays are usually pretty good days for getting my hours in and some extra to pad the rest of the week.

Half-time with daycare for two hours a day is pretty much ideal at the moment. I get logical time, play time, and time when Jet gets to play on his own or to sleep and it doesn't cost me more than my salary. That's useful. It's also great to have time for him to play with other kids and then have plenty of time for me to play with him, and the whole feeding schedule is just much cooler with a short break for daycare, then Joan doesn't have to mess with feeding him too often.
Tags: erie, jet, work

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