Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Intriguing Meme

Name ten rare things I've done. Stolen from kathrynt.

  1. Took a raw, California Variegated Mutant (CVM) fleece of browns and frost silvers and created (using plastic hair combs, a spinning wheel, and Turbo size 3 needles) a six-foot square shawl of lace that fit through my husband's wedding ring. THEN was stupid enough to do it a few (five) more times with various other kinds of fleeces and kept none of them. I only kept one shawl I made from commercial yarn.

  2. Cut feathers into quills and created a web page as to the process. I seem to get a lot of letters from Civil war reenactment folks about it, thanking me for the reasons behind what's done as well as what is done.

  3. Okay, okay... was the only woman I knew who was interviewed, directly, at Caltech by the Real Genius director and early production folks and noticed some traits of mine in the portrayal of Jordan. There.

  4. Was on the Caltech women's fencing team that placed 2nd in the regional NCAA fencing finals for the West. Did timing and score keeping for the fencing venue in LA. Followed it with quitting a for-profit karate dojo because the head guy dissed my instructor in front of me. Then studied tai chi for five years and use it to pick strawberries.

  5. Went to the LA gem area and bargained a H color, .5 carat, HF diamond down to less than half the normal retail price for my engagement ring. Got three smaller diamonds thrown in for free for my husband's ring.

  6. Did layout of 5 micron (HUGE! things are at about 90nm now...) silicon gates for an analog device and had to lay out all the wells, connections, and stuff using a mouse and a unix station.

  7. Laid out all the standard gates for a co-processor and then, a year later, wrote a GUI-fronted C-source debugger that could also interpret the micro-code, and start, stop, breakpoint for that co-processor along with the C-turned-assembly.

  8. Coordinated and led about 20 different internet authors in an intricate dance of fiction eventually called Model 99.

  9. Got my ACL busted during a soccer game after living for five days on about 20 hours of sleep, then went a bit overboard and spent about 2-4 hours a day on physical therapy after the surgery.

  10. I have collected over 50 pieces of teaware, nearly all of it single-serving or smaller, it includes Yixing , handmade (including half a dozen Singer-made pieces from his very early ceramics days), porcelain, glass, and even jade pieces. All are functional and go well with the nearly as large collection of fine teas which is steadily getting older and often gets purged and re-built, though the pu-erhs are aging nicely.


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