Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Home for the sick...

John's sick, got a bad cold, last night, couldn't sleep, couldn't let me sleep as he was tossing so much, he finally got out of bed around 2, and came back when he could be still. I got up with Jet at 4 am for a bit, and then fell asleep again, and am up with Jet ("It's SUN-day, Momma! You have to get up!")

So I'm home, it seems, for the morning, at least.

Watched the Veggietale's movie of Jonah last night, the sixth time, as we rented it a week ago and it has to go back sometime soon, and "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" song is firmly lodged in my head.

Along with the curious fact that while I knew the story of Jonah up to the point where he repented, asked for forgiveness and was given it to be spit up by the whale and he went to Ninivah to deliver God's message to them. I hadn't known that after the message he went and sat on a cliff in the hopes of seeing the city destroyed. And when it wasn't, he was angry at God for sparing his enemies. And the end of the story is just God *asking* Jonah, shouldn't I have as much mercy for them as for you? No resolution IN the story of if Jonah actually accepted that or not, but wow, what a great way to end a story that's supposed to teach moral.

Shouldn't I have as much mercy for your enemies as for you? And the human answer is NO WAY, God, but it's obvious, from the story, that God's mercy *IS* for ones enemies as well as for ones own people. Something Bush might learn from, if he ever actually read the story. Yeesh.

It's also cool to know that even prophets can rage against God, and remain deeply and thoroughly angry at God, too.
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