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Heh. We went to pho for dinner and I was treated to the MOST random rendition of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" I've ever had the pleasure of hearing... It was so random I can't, for the life of me, remember the exact words, other than they had me doubled up, giggling, for most of the way. And Jet had one verse of how the Incredible Mama was rowing down the stream and how she could stretch through the elevator and ride an elephant, and the elephant drank the stream and he rowed really badly...

I truly believe John has finally met his match. There was one phrase that just left John stunned into silence. Wow.

We all had noodle soup. Jet also had rice and a strawberry slushie, "It would be sweet," he said, when he saw it on the menu.

Then we had the treat of going through the car wash and Jet said why are we out of the car wash? And John answered if we stayed in it would wash away the car and we'd be wet. Jet added, "And very, very cold." Which is very true at night in Colorado.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, though. Sunshine and warm, warm, warm. It's still the dry season. March and April should be wet, but the snow packs, for once, are really good this winter.

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