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Rough Day

I had a highly social day, today. Too much so. I feel crispy around all my edges.

The morning started with me taking Jet duty for the morning so John could sleep in, for once. Jet and I made "banana cupcakes!" And Jet got to mash the bananas, do a lot of stirring, and he REALLY wanted to POUR IN THE MILK!


We've been reading In The Night Kitchen, and Jet chanted, "Milk in the batter! Milk in the batter! We make cake and nothing's the matter!"

That was fun.

We had banana muffins with no nuts. Then I did four egg's worth of pasta and added 10 ounces of frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry as a bone. The food processor did diddly with the odd texture of the thawed vegetable, so I finally took a knife to it and made it fine enough to nearly be a paste. I mixed it with the eggs and a lot of flour. I kneaded and punched and pulled. And it came out this gorgeous flecked green, like green granite. Really pretty. Ten minutes and it was really elastic and almost hard. I stuffed it in a container in the fridge and took a shower, and had to run off to a baby shower.

Jet protested. "YOU don't take a baby shower! You take a Mama shower!! You're too BIG for a baby shower."

That said, he insisted that he get to take a shower. :-)

So he did.

I went. I socialized and was as nice as I was able to be. I thought I made terrible social mistakes, and went ahead with it anyway. Forged ahead... They liked the gifts and the booties and hat, and the momma showed me the blanket that she'd knitted. I couldn't help but notice the tail still loose from the starting corner, and hoped the baby wouldn't chew it off, but she'd know to tuck it in?

I didn't have enough courage to point it out. Too dog-earred from trying to converse with a roomful of females and not quite knowing if I was going to just put my foot in it, emotionally, and never know. Ah well.

The other two lady engineers and I ran away at 3. I had the excuse of the dinner party in my house. Jet and John had just gotten home from buying the appetizers and other cheeses and I set them both to work, as I put together the sauce for the lasagna. Onions, garlic, sundried tomatoes, shredded basil, and two big cans of whole, organic tomatoes, cooked long and open to dry it all up a bit, and then I asked John to take the stick blender to it. While it was simmering, Jet and I found that the dough was FAR too soft. So I pulled out the container of semolina and started pushing it in, and then decided to use the machine to knead it until it was really hard.

Jet was nonplussed at my need for speed, and he went off and did dishes while I rolled and pounded and finally got the pasta to really work. I got eight really huge sheets. The spinach had not only added volume but liquid as well, and I probably should have just done two egg's worth. But as it was there were plenty of ends for the boys, Orion and Jet, to cut into their noodles. Green noodles like Green Eggs and Ham (Jet's pre-school was making green eggs and ham and he thought they were disgusting, but green noodles and snow would be okay... a good way to sneak spinach into his diet, I think). They bought it.

John had been busy with the last bits of cleaning up the house and laying out all the appetizers, which was great. He and Jet took up the hosting duties as folks arrived, and set folks to work cutting, mixing, and seeing how the noodles worked.

Folks went through the appetizers as I boiled and layered the lasagna noodles with ricotta, fresh moz, freshly grated parm, the sauce, and some bechemel. It went into the oven and I had twenty minutes to "just mingle" and then it was serving time. It was really nice to just sit down with people and eat and talk and enjoy the great food everyone had brought. One lady brought a deliciously tart spinach salad with mandarin oranges, almonds, and lovely dressing. Another brought zucchini with onions and peppers and a big dish of asparagus in lemon and butter. Ooo.

When dessert rolled around, I made all the Sumantran decaf I had, and it was barely enough for everyone. One lady opted for herbal teas and I brought out the whole collection and she picked a floral rooiboos that's a little past prime, but it smelled nice enough in the can. So she had it, I had some, too, and it was faint with age, but still nice. That lady served a homemade chocolate cake with icing and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. Very nice.

So it was successful. Jet was dead asleep when it was time to go to bed, which was good for all of us. I'm still a bit overloaded and needed some time alone with my head and this journal to pick myself back up again. I'm nearly sick, so I'm drinking the Airbourn and it's worked so far, but I'm really pushing my luck.

Sleep would be a very good thing...

Good night.

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