Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

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I didn't wake up today, until nearly 10, and then I thought I was starting to get sick. I took an Airbourn, did some exercise, and felt infinitely worse.

After lunch, and then the boys came home, John and I worked outside while Jet played with the neighbor kids. The wind was blowing, pretty hard, and the dust got into my face, and then I realized that I wasn't sick. I was having an allergic reaction to everything.

So I took two Sudafed and felt infinitely better.

We had a little BBQ with Tonya, Tanner, and Macy and it was good. Jet fell asleep on the couch before dinner. Macy fell asleep after. Everyone got to go into the hot tub for a while. So that was all to the good.

Yay for not being sick!!
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